December 2007


     This episode begins with Kotomi returning the violin back to the girl she borrowed it from and Kotomi making another friend. While walking down the hallway Tomoya asks Kotomi isn’t it nice to be making friends, while walking Kotomi starts crying after Tomoya’s asks the question. The next day Nagisa asks Tomoya if it’s nice that Kotomi no-longer stays in the library and is back taking classes with the rest of the students. Later that afternoon the group is in the theater club room talking about what they do when not in school, Kyou says that every-one’s answer is very lame and it’s a waste of one’s mind and body, and what they should be doing is going out on a group date. So, the next day they meet for the group date (back in high school I was never so lucky to be on a group date with just me a four hot girls). While out on the town they attempt to win a large stuffed animal but it’s a complete failure and Kyou asks who can say they’ll achieve victory and out of nowhere Fuko appears, and she claims she can achieve victory. No one remembers her but they all feel that they had met her before, so Fuko gives the game a try and what does she win? (a starfish).



     After a fun day they all head home, Tomoya walks Kotomi home and she thanks him for her meeting him and giving her a good time. She gives him a book/diary and tells him to hang on to it, he doesn’t have to read it just hold on to it. Just as Tomoya is questioning her about this, the old man (the bad guy) shows up and Kotomi grabs Tomoya and forces him to run away with her. Later that night Tomoya has another strange dream, and he comments to himself about his strange dreams. On the way to school Nagisa thinks that Ryou might have been in a bus accident but to every-one’s relief she was unharmed, Kotomi has a bad reaction (almost seems like she’s having a breakdown) after this incident. The rest of the group is very worried about her, she left school and went home but the nurse and the other teachers won’t tell them anything because of privacy concerns (what the hells is the deal). Later Tomoya runs into the “bad man” and he asks him whats the deal, and he says he knew Kotomi when she was little and wonders why Tomoya doesn’t remember. They talk and the man leaves a message for Kotomi, “they apologize for what happened on that day”, he says nothing more. Tomoya follows a butterfly (symbolic for dreams, or for memories) to the back of Kotomi’s house where he gets visions of the past, he enters her house and goes upstairs and finds Kotomi in a room completely covered in paper clippings. A clipping falls off the wall and mentions something to the effect that Kotomi’s parents are dead  and this inductees a memory in Tomoya and he’s sure that they’ve met before. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.





     Well, this episode was a lot more interesting and important than the last episode. In the previous episode all that happened was some character development, but in this episode we head towards the nitty gritty of Kotomi’s social problems. Tomoya is linked in someways to Kotomi ‘s past and her possible future, he just has to puzzle it out. With all this stuff revolving around him, he’s either a source of healing or a source of limitless sadness. But I have to agree with Kyou that their wasting their innocent youth, yes Kyou it’s time to get busy using those smoking hot bodies (sorry, for that last comment, it’s a six pack of beer talking). 


     This episode begins with Kotomi continuing to practice the violin at school and her playing is still injuring the ears of those around her. Later Kyou and Tomoya keep trying to improve Kotomi’s social skills but her sense of verbal timing is still off. After Kotomi, Nagisa, and Ryou leave school, Kyou asks Tomoya if he liked a girl would he actually date her, he kind of blows the question off saying that he’s a delinquent and not very good material. Tomoya wakes up Sunday morning to find his house a mess, and his father passed out again on the floor, so he leaves the house and ends up finding Kotomi practicing the violin at the school. Tomoya falls asleep after eating a apple pie that Kotomi baked, and while sleeping he has weird dream, the weirdness of his dream rises to the level of a acid trip. On Monday, Kotomi is scheduled to have a outdoor violin recital, Kyou has strong armed a large number of students to attend, Tomoya is very worried about the outcome knowing Kotomi’s skill level with the violin. Nagisa tells Tomoya that Kotomi has improved her skills greatly, but once the recital starts her playing has not really improved and is painful to everyone. But by the end it seems that her skills has improved to the point that no one died from the music. After the recital the group is walking home together, and someone tries to grab Kotomi, and Nagisa, Tomoya, and the others protect her, when they ask Tomoya who that was all she says is that the bad guy. Well, that’s all of this episode, below are some screen shots.




      Overall I felt that this was a very strange episode, I don’t think that it did much to advance the main series plot. All this episode did was flesh out the Kotomi character some more, she begins to slowly come up of her shell, but her social skills are still sorely lacking. As far as I’m concerned there were only two interesting points in this episode; the first interesting point is when Kyou asks Tomoya about dating; and the second interesting point comes at the end with the man trying to grab? Kotomi. I also found Tomoya’s weird dream kind of funny, what else did Kotomi but in that apple pie, PCP or maybe LSD? One thing I do have to say about Kotomi is that as far as I’m concerned  she’s the best looking of the Clannad girls, in real life I’m a leg man so I’m a sucker for a good set of legs, and in my opinion Kotomi’s got a killer set of legs. Well, when all is said and done I give this episode 5 out of 10.


     This episode starts off back in the dream world/other world, with the junk doll having a conversation with the young girl. The doll realizes that it must have come/or lived in another word in the past or in the future, and it struggles to recall those other memories. Then we pick up with Tomoya and Nagisa discussing how to get more members for the drama group. So, Tomoya tries to recruit Youhei and Kotomi, and Tomoya thinks it would be good to pull Kotomi out of her world of books and get her to interact with more real people. Later Kotomi ask Tomoya if Nagisa is his girlfriend and he says no, everyone around Tomoya and Nagisa knows that they are a couple except them (how cute). Tomoya takes it as his mission to train Kotomi on how to be more social and how to make some friends. Well, the plan works to some extent, Kotomi makes friends with Kyou and in celebration of this event Kyou wants Tomoya to take them someplace interesting, and to Kyou’s annoyance they end up in theater club’s meeting room. Later during the theater club’s meeting they hear a violin playing and Kotomi runs out of the room and it to a room where a girl is playing the violin, she asks Kotomi if she would like to try to play it. Kotomi accepts the violin and her playing is so bad it shatters lights and windows driving everyone to their knees in pain. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.





     Well, here we are at episode 10 of Clannad, after finishing the Fuko centered episodes we seem to be starting a arc focusing on Kotomi. Nagisa and Tomoya seem the be more of a couple than ever before, everyone one knows this except the two of them, even if they don’t notice it they seem to be tied together by the red string of fate. In the aftermath of Fuko’s gentle fading Nagisa and Tomoya seem to have forgotten personally knowing her, but as Nagisa tells Tomoya she recalls a nostalgic warm and sad feeling. I really liked the last arc, I know that some people dislike anime that intentionally pulls at the viewers’ heartstrings, but I’m a old softy and a sucker of melodrama nowadays.

     The world of Clannad is the perfect male fantasy world, a world where all the girls are cute with almost all of these girls being kind and gentle, a world where even the most hard edged and gruff girls really harbor a heart of gold. This is a world where all the sweetest and cutest girls don’t have boyfriends and are just waiting for a normal guy to come along and touch their souls, this is emotional escapism at the purest level, a world where gentle and lonely souls flutter around each other like moths around a flame until they finally meet creating the perfect emotional connection. Clannad is also a world where even a girl laying in a coma longings for connection, human contact, and love is so great it can cross the boundaries of human consciousness to touch the lives of others. This is emotional escapism of the highest level, and I’m buying into it.    


      This episode begins with Kana talking to Haruka about Chiaki’s dreams being ruined by Chiaki seeing their cousin Takeru changing into a Santa outfit two years ago. So, Kana has Fujioka sneak into the house and change into a Santa outfit, he goes into her room and places a gift on her bed, just as he is leaving she wakes up and he tells her merry Christmas. Chiaki come running out of the room telling Haruka and Kana that Santa was here and he wasn’t Takeru. Kana playfully instigates a fight with Chiaki by telling her she’s still a child. Later when Chiaki’s asleep, she has a dream about Santa and the gift he left her. Than the show switches to the other Minami household and the atmosphere there is very different from the other household. In my last post about Minami-ke one of the comments left about my post was about how Touma’s brothers talk about her right in front her basically ignoring her, and in this episode that comment more true than ever, it’s almost like she’s the invisible girl, she’s there but not really there. On Christmas day Fujioka goes over to the house to give Kana a gift (that’s a big deal, Christmas time is one of the biggest time of the years in Japan for hooking up, or trying to get hooked up) but once there, he sees Takeru standing outside in a Santa outfit, the Minami girls have stepped out for a while. Takeru and Fujioka end up waiting for a long while the Minami sisters enjoy a good meal in a restaurant, in the end they both have to leave because Takeru has to work the next day and Fujioka has club practice the next morning. The next day Touma is over their house and she’s wonders if she should pay for the food she eats there, of course Kana says yes, but Haruka says not to worry about it. Over the next several days Fujioka struggles with how to give his gift to Kana, in the end he gives Kana a gift of food instead of the really cute Christmas hair bows he originally intended to give her. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots. 





Screen shots of tomboy Touma with her good for nothing brothers, I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s pretty cute when being a tomboy. 




My impressions of episode 12

@ Yes Kana’s tomboy behavior is caused by her “good for nothing brothers”

@ It’s really cute how Chiaki can be so sarcastic and logical and still believe in Santa Claus.

@ Kana really does care for Chiaki even though they always argue, it would be nice if Chiaki would show her the same once in a while.

@ Fujioka’s vision of a cute Christmas Kana is very nice, but I think changing his gift to food might actually get him farther than the hair bows.

@ Touma really is the invisible girl, her brothers talk about her, and whats good for her, but never listen to what she has to say. They would rather look at pictures of her than actually talk to her in person.

Now a picture of Fujioka’s vision of Christmas Kana, actually his  impression of this Kana is very cute.



Well, for those few fans of my Sailor Moon fan fiction page I have finally finished reformatting part two and posted it on the Sailor Moon fan fiction page. I’m really sorry about the delay, but for the past several weeks I’ve worked about 50-60 hours per week, so it took be a long time to recover the original text, the files were very old and were somewhat corrupted so it took me a long time to fix the mess. I’m currently working on reconstructing parts 3-5, I don’t know how long it will take me but I’ll get there sooner or later.  


     Back at Touma’s house her three brothers wonder what the other Minami household is like, are they good people or not. They wonder if the reason she’s become more foul mouthed and boy-like is caused by them or the influence of the other household. So the eldest brother orders the youngest brother (Akira) to follow her there and check out the other household. So once he’s there they decide to treat him like Touma to ease his fears. Later at school Kana is talking with Akira about what kind of girls he likes and he tells her he like long hair, so Kana says the perfect girl for him is Riko. Fujioka sees Akira talking with Kana and gets very jealous and goes over to them, Kana tells Akira when he asks who’s that, she tells him he’s the bancho, frightening Akira greatly. Akira gets the wrong impression and thinks that Riko is Fujioka’s girlfriend so he tells him he like Kana instead, making the situation worst. After school we spend about three minutes of the show watching Chiaki kicking a stone around and when she almost gets it home Kana ruins her game without even knowing it. At Haruka’s school the other brother Natsuki wants to thank Haruka for caring for his younger brother and sister, as he’s walking up to Haruka one of her friends pushes him into Haruka’s twin peaks, she’s knows it’s a mistake but he has to take punishment or she’ll loses face. Later Natsuki goes to the other household to thank her properly for caring for Touma and Akira which leads to a funny skit about breasts, nose bleeds, and taking your iron. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     Well, eleven episodes of Minami-ke down and two to go for the first Minami-ke series, so were back to the issues of mistaken perceptions and miscommunication between boys and girls. The other Minami household wants to check out the influence that the other Minami household has on their sister and they end up getting sucked into the black hole of cuteness that is the Minami-ke household, once you cross the event horizon of the Minami household (their front door) your never want to leave, just ask Makoto and Touma. A lot of pretty standard anime perceptions are covered here, virgin guys getting nosebleeds when aroused, well I guess it’s better than showing what happens when horny middle school and high school guys stare and hot chicks for too long. I know what their trying to get at about taking your iron to prevent nosebleeds, that might actually work if the cause of the bleeds is anemia, but when the cause of the nosebleeds is sexual frustration, well over half of Japanese and American teen aged guys would be bleeding over their school desks everyday whether they took their iron or not, it would get quite messy. Where they get it perfectly right is in the skit about Chiaki kicking to rock, I’ve seen my niece who’s about the same age as Chiaki get totally involved in some silly game that can last for a long time, oblivious to everything else. Overall this was a very relaxing episode of anime.


      This episode begins with Chiaki’s classmates pointing out the fact that a person in class 5-1 has the same last name as hers, and they wonder if theirs a relationship. So they go and check it out, at first Chiaki thinks that Touma Minami is a guy, well she behaves as a guy anyways. They get into a little spat and Chiaki agrees to take on Touma as a younger brother? Later in cooking class Chiaki tweaks Makoto about his cooking skills not being good enough to be able to help Haruka properly. That afternoon Chiaki brings Touma home and when Haruka and Kana walk in they mistake Touma for a guy, but Touma tells them she’s really a girl, Haruka and Kana really thought that she was a guy. Then Mako-chan shows up and Touma recognizes him, but Makoto ask her not to spill the beans. Later Touma tells everyone that even though she’s a girl she’s really a guy, then Kana has Touma sit by her and lifts her shirt to do a body check, after looking under her shirt she tells everyone no matter how you look at it Touma’s much more feminine than Chiaki. A while later Mako-chan tells Touma and Kana that he/she wants to reveal his true nature to Haruka and Chiaki, Kana thinks that it might be interesting, Makoto says that girls clothing can no longer suppress the wild urges of a man. Later Makoto confesses that he’s really a man, Chiaki and Haruka aren’t upset, Chiaki tells Touma that if Mako-chan going to impersonate Touma she should at least try harder (if Makoto could hear this his male wildness might be crushed). The next day at school Touma tells Makoto that Haruka and Chiaki still thinks that Mako-chan is a girl so try confessing to them separately. Back at the Minami house Makoto tells Kana and Touma he wants to revert back to being a guy, Touma tells him it won’t happened. As Haruka and Chiaki arrive home Makoto in his normal state as a boy and he hides under the heated table (kotatsu) rather than caught there as a guy (Well, this would be the perfect location for Ah-kun from Moetan). Makoto takes a lot of physical abuse from Kana while under the table, but a little while later Kana and Touma bail out Makoto under the ruse of a magic trick, he pops out as a girl but Kana says it’s no special magic (another dig at poor Makoto’s manhood). Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots 



     Well, another episode on Minami-ke involving gender and gender roles, Chiaki meets a girl named Touma who insists that she really a boy (no reason is given for her wanting to be a boy), actually Touma carries herself more man-like than most boys at the school. Then we have Makoto who dresses like a girl in order to be closer Haruka, the object of his affection. Whats really funny is that when Mako-chan tried to confess his secret to Chiaki and Haruka they thought it was funny, Chiaki’s even told Touma that if Mako-chan wanted to try and be a boy she should try harder, poor Makoto even though he wants Haruka to see him as a man he comes off as a girl. I thinks at that young age it’s easier for Touma to pull of the boy thing than it would be for Makoto to pull off the girl thing. But dressing boy as girls is nothing new, it was pretty standard in European society, up until the late Victorian period to dress boys in almost the same clothes (dresses, frocks, and so forth) as girls up until they were aged 6-7

     My only advice for Makoto is to go with the flow, if dressing as girl keeps him close to Haruka then keep it up, I really don’t think Haruka has a shota complex, he may wish it so but I don’t think it would really turn out the way he hopes.

Now we join Ah-kun for a special addition, Minami-ke corner. 


 Remember boys, Ah-kun says “when you have a group of cute girls seated around a Kotatsu there’s no better place to be than underneath it, the views can be most stunning!”


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