This episode picks up with Nagisa, Tomoya, and Fuko back at the school where they will spend the night, Fuko’s sisters wedding is the day after tomorrow. Fuko’s lectures Nagisa and Tomoya on how they should address each other by first name, and how they should use honorifics of endearments to one another, both Nagisa and Tomoya are embarrassed when they try this. Finally Tomoya is able to address Nagisa by first name without a honorific (by doing this he is admitting something important), but Nagisa is still too embarrassed to address Tomoya by first name. When asked why she’s being so pushy about this, Fuko explains that she loves them both and wishes only the best for them, and then they then hold a little party for Fuko and she’s very happy. Later Fuko falls asleep between Nagisa and Tomoya and when they wake up in the morning Fuko is gone, and all their memories of Fuko are gone, all they remember is that they have something important to do.




     Nagisa tells Tomoya that she found a starfish carving and it reminds her of something and it makes her feel calm, the feeling of having to do something important haunts them both. After running into Tomoya’s teacher they get reminded of Fuko and they can remember her and see her again. The next day after the wedding ceremony Nagisa, Fuko, and Tomoya head to the school’s gate to see the newlyweds off, were they discover that all the students who received a starfish showed up at the school too. Then Nagisa and Tomoya tell Fuko’s sister that Fuko arranged all this and she wishes them a good married life together, after symbolically handing her sister a starfish Fuko fades away into the wind. The next day at school all the students seem to have some vague memory of Fuko at the school, and wish that someday the sleeper will wake up. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     Well, the dream that was Fuko came and went like a warm gentle breeze, it blew slowly through the school and touched many people. As the previous episodes indicated, as Fuko’s dream came closer to reality she slowly faded from the minds of everyone, but due to the hard work of Nagisa, Fuko, and Tomoya in carving and handing out the starfish everyone was brought together in the end. The use of a item to recall lost memories has been used in books often, the first example is the use of lime tea and Madeleine’s to reawaken memories was done by Marcel Proust in his classic book series In Search of Lost Time (1913, France), in more recent history was Philip Pullman’s use of  the taste of marzipan in his book The Amber Spyglass to reawaken the feelings of bliss associated with first love. In Kanon Ayu woke from her long slumber at the end of her dream but in Clannad Fuko still lies asleep in her hospital bed, we can only wish that she dreams sweet peaceful thoughts until the day she reawakens, and if she doesn’t may she wander the corridors of the school in the company of the friends she never had when she was young. 

A poem for Fuko by Christina Rosetti (Dream Land, 1891)


Where sunless rivers weep

Their waves into the deep,

She sleeps a charmed sleep:

Awake her not.

Led by a single star,

She came from very far

To seek where shadows are

Her pleasant lot.


She left the rosy morn,

She left the fields of corn,

For twilight cold and lorn

And water springs.

Through sleep, as through a veil,

She sees the sky look pale,

And hears the nightingale

That sadly sings.


Rest, rest, a perfect rest

Shed over brow and breast;

Her face is toward the west,

The purple land.

She cannot see the grain

Ripening on hill and plain;

She cannot feel the rain

Upon her hand.


Rest, rest, for evermore

Upon a mossy shore;

Rest, rest at the heart’s core

Till time shall cease:

Sleep that no pain shall wake;

Night that no morn shall break

Till joy shall overtake

Her perfect peace