This episode of Candy Candy picks up after Tom’s adoption, and now Pony Home seems lonely to Annie, and Candy notices that Annie’s is down in the dumps. So, the next morning, Candy arranges a picnic lunch in the countryside for Annie, complete with Sister Pony’s wine. While eating lunch, Annie asks Candy if drinking the wine is OK, and Candy replies that Sister Pony drinks it every night. They have a good time playing in the woods and chasing animals until Annie and Candy fall in a river, they are then rescued by a Mr. Brighton and his assistant. He then takes them back to his cottage, and treats them very well while their clothes dry, and they eat barbecue with the household. Mr. Brighton asks the girls where they come from, and Candy explains that they come from a orphanage called Pony Home, and that Annie and Candy were found abandoned on the same day. Mr. Brighton sends Annie and Candy for a horse ride, and later Annie suggests that the two of them could be adopted as his daughters, Candy is shocked by the idea, but Annie tells Candy that she can’t stay at Pony home forever. Annie and Candy have a fight over this issue, with Candy telling Annie how could she entrust herself to someone she just met. Candy leaves Annie at the Brighton’s cottage and heads back to Pony home where she finds that John has run off to find Candy and Annie. After Candy rescues John she finds out that Annie is spending the night at the Brighton’s cottage, Annie has a hard time being without Candy, and Candy really misses Annie. After a long night apart, Annie returns to Pony Home, and Candy and Annie have a tearful reunion. Candy and Annie’s friendship grows even stronger with Annie telling Candy that she never wants to be separated from Candy again. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.






     Well, the Candy Candy story really gets rolling with this episode, this is only the second episode and Candy and Annie have been at Pony home for ten years. Tom’s adoption at the end of the first episode has triggered a longing in Annie to have a mother and father. Annie longs to be a member of a family with a mother and father while Candy is happy being surrounded by loving friends. Candy’s gets joy in life by being kind and loving towards others, and she’s happiest when others are happy. The encounter with Mr. Brighton is a trigger for change, Annie really wants a family, and Mr. Brighton seems really happy with the girls around. The meeting with Mr. Brighton will probably break the two apart by his adopting one of the girls. Be ready for some tears to flow as Candy Candy is a melodramatic weepy classic in every sense, this show can hold it’s own when compared and classic film melodrama, as this series goes on who’ll see more sadness poured on Candy than a whole years worth of Lifetime Network programming.