This episode starts off with Nagisa reflecting on the events of the previous day, she wonders about her transformation into a magic girl and the fighting that occurred after the transformation. Then we see Pissard being commanded by the dark lord to retrieve the two remaining prism stones so he can become immortal, and spread his darkness across the universe. Then Mepple causes Nagisa trouble by making a ruckus about being hungry and he won’t stop making noise until Nagisa feeds him. Nagisa goes to see Honoka and tells her that she doesn’t want to fight any more, but Honoka tells Nagisa that she looks at the situation as a gift, and besides, she finds it very interesting. Then a soccer balls breaks the window that the two girls are standing by and Nagisa runs outside to complain to the boys, and who does she run into, her crush Fujimura, he quickly apologizes to her for the broken window. After school Mepple and Mipple tell Nagisa and Honoka the story of the Garden of Light and how they ended up being chased by the forces of darkness. Later Pissard begins his attack on the town by turning a vacuum cleaner into a monster, and Mepple tells Nagisa they have to go and fight. At fist Nagisa doesn’t want to go to the battle until she sees people panicking on the television so she heads out to find the enemy. When Nagisa and Honoka arrive at the scene, Nagisa sees her two friends in danger, and the two girls go into battle against Pissard and his monster, a heated battle is joined and the monster is defeated in short order, then Pissard retreats. Well that’s all, below are some screen shots.





     Well Pretty Cure is turning out to be a very interesting addition to the magic girl genre, what sets a very good magic girl series apart from a so so magic girl series is character development and likability. Like the characters from Sailor Moon the two magic girls in Pretty Cure are very likable and interesting; in Nagisa we get a girl who is athletic but struggles in her academics, she is very loyal to her friends, and because of her youth and innocence she becomes very shy around her crush; and in Honoka we get a girl who is very intelligent but lacking in athletic abilities, but unlike typical portrayals of smart girls in anime she is not a shy recluse or a overbearing smart ass. The two girls contrast each other nicely it’s almost like a role reversal, you have the physically tough girl Nagisa not wanting to have to fight, and then you have the brainy girl Honoka accepting her new powers as a gift. The most endearing thing about this series to me is the independence these two magic girls have, unlike girls in anime like Sailor Moon and Cha Cha these girls fight on their own, they don’t wait on a guy to come and help them out, they go and get the job done by themselves.