This episode begins with the school getting ready of it’s 50th anniversary party, Judy is concerned about not having a date for the dance, and Julia’s rubs it in by telling Judy that even though she’s got lots of nice dresses she doesn’t have anyone to dance with, and she’ll be a wallflower. Judy decides that if she’s going to be a wallflower why not be a beautiful wallflower and goes shopping where she runs into Julia who keeps ribbing her about being a wallflower, but it does Judy some good, she comes to the conclusion that if she’s going to be a wallflower spending more money won’t change that. On the way home Julia and Judy stop for some lunch in town, were a young man helps Judy carry some packages, he is a waiter at the restaurant, Julia is very stuck up and rude to him while Judy is nice to him. As they eat lunch, the waiter kind of flirts with Julia and she ends up blushing, and blows it off. At the dance, Julia ends up with Judy, her three people who promised to be there didn’t show up, and Sallie’s date is late too. At the dance Julia runs into the waiter from the other day and he asks her to dance, she declines passing him off to Judy, Judy dances with him and he’s turns out to be very understanding because it’s her first time dancing. A while later Judy finds out that the guy is Jimmie McBride, Sallie’s older brother, a Princeton football player, and he was just earning a little extra pocket money working in the restaurant. He keeps dancing with Judy until she gets him to dance with Julia to cheer her up. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



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     Episode 15 was a nice change of pace for Daddy Long Legs, the normal course for this anime has been mostly about the girl’s school work, but this episode was about issues such as a dance and boys. For the first 14 episodes the issue of relationships with the opposite sex were nonexistent, the girls at that point were about 14 1/2 so they mostly were about school, but now that the girls are around 16 years old, boys and young men are starting to find the girls attractive, and the girls are also aware of the boys now. This episode highlighted the worries of everyday girls of that era, will anyone ask me to dance, am I pretty, will I look awkward dancing, and so forth. What I like about this anime is that the girls are pretty normal (normal for girls of the early 1900’s attending a elite high school), no drop dead beautiful unreal anime girls. Both Sallie and Judy are pretty average looking, they have really nice and sweet personalities, and Julia is the only one of the three that could be considered a looker. Well, Daddy Long Legs will just get more interesting from this point onward with the addition of boys and dating to the school mix. Overall this is a very mild anime, don’t expect anything more erotic than hand holding or at the most romantic levels of passion a kiss.