This episode begins with Hosaka trying to figure out a way to befriend Haruka so he can get a invitation to her house, Maki tries to protect Haruka from Hosaka but Hayami thinks it’s interesting so she goes with the flow. Maki freaks out when she hears Hosaka’s cheesy ideas on how he can steal Haruka’s affections, and those ideas seem more creepy than romantic to Maki. Then the show moves to the Minami household where Chiaki tries to teach Kana how to properly make large bubbles with crewing gum, and after much training Kana show no skill at it, but when Haruka arrives home she shows even more skill than Chiaki can muster, Chiaki calls it a God like technique. The next day at school Hayami calls Hosaka vain and cowardly for not having the nerve to go and talk to Haruka instead of just scheming about her. Hosaka even goes so far as cooking French style bento in hopes of sharing them with Haruka but he comes up with a excuse not to share them with her. The next day he gets his chance to give Haruka a bento because she doesn’t have a lunch, but at the last minute one of Haruka’s friends give her some rice balls and Hosaka chickens out again. On his way home, Hosaka has another vision of him and Haruka as a family with two young daughters but his vision is imperfect because Haruka isn’t smiling at him. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.

chiaki-with-gum.jpg kanas-gum-training.jpghosaka-and-maki.jpg





     Well episode 8 of Minami-ke was very enjoyable I was waiting for an entire episode dedicated to Haruka, and I got my wish for the most part. Watching many of Haruka’s friends and acquaintances getting some screen time was very interesting, the girl I found the most enjoyable was Hayami, she knows just how to tweak Hosaka about his infatuation with Haruka, Hayami judges him correctly, he’s vain, and a coward when it comes to talking to Haruka. He suffers from the affliction a lot of teenage boys suffer from, how to talk to girls, he thinks that he needs some special material to be able to talk to Haruka, and he just comes off as vain and creepy. When I was a teenager I thought that girls were a totally different form of life, I needed to be macho and tried to impress them too, and come off a lot of times as immature or silly. Now later in life I have finally learned to secret to communicating with women/girls, and if I had known this lesson when I was a teenager I would have gotten ten times as much play as I did back then. Here’s the lesson, when talking to women/girls, be kind, nice, friendly, really listen and be interested in what they have to say, and talk about normal things you have in common, you don’t have to act macho or talk a lot of shit because most of the time they can see right through it. Now to my impression of Haruka, it’s easy to see why Hosaka is falling in love with Haruka, when compared to the other girls around her she is a fully mature confident women not a teen-aged girl, so I can see anyone’s attraction to her compared to the other girls.