This episode starts off with a flashback to the previous battle with the worm where Aisha exhausted herself aiding the girls, she synchronized herself with the worm causing it to freeze in battle. The doctor tells her not to do it again, but she says exhausting herself in battle is the least she can do. Later we learn that the Vic Viper team (led by Togo’s old combat buddy Zen Hizaki) is being deployed to destroy the worm’s nest, but first they must battle a class A+ worm (the strongest worm seen so far in the series). Eika is angry about the situation, and Otoha says that Hizaki creeps her out (she’s angry about him calling them children, and she refers to him as a old man).


     At the beginning of the battle, the worm stops the initial attacks by the viper team, then it looks like the Viper unit gets the upper hand on the worm, as the Viper unit is about to deliver a death blow the worms separates into two pieces escaping destruction. After a hard fought battle two out of the three planes are damaged battling the worm, Hizaki orders the two damaged planes back to base and stays behind to fight the worm. He deals a heavy blow to the worm, but the worm also severely damages his plane, and he is forced to land on the sonic divers’ base ship. Eika listens in on Togo and Hizaki talking about old times, she learns that Togo can no longer fly because he was injured saving Hizaki during a battle with the worms, and Togo’s happy leading the sonic diver’s pilots. Later Togo comes up with a battle plan for fighting the worm, the sonic divers will attack the worm’s main body while Hizaki and the ship attack the other part,  and if they don’t succeed the worm will destroy the sonic diver’s base ship. When the battle starts the worms splits into three pieces instead of two, and at the last minute the other two viper units show up to take out the third piece, working together the worm is destroyed. Well that’s all of now, below are some screen shots. 



     Well 21 episodes down and five to go and were getting down to the nitty gritty of the series, in this episode we get a lot of information on Togo and Hizaki’s history. The only plot-line that still needs to be fleshed out is Otoha’s missing/kidnapped friend/brother story, then we can get to the final battle with the worms. This episode included a lot of talk about dreams and trusting the future to the young. This device is very common in anime today, many recent anime including Eureka 7, and Stellvia have large elements of older adults guiding younger characters, and entrusting the future to them. What I find kind of amusing is that Togo and Hizaki are both under 30 years old and they feel that they are old and the future is no longer meant for them. In the real world it would be nice if the old timers really felt this way, instead we get really old geezers holding on to power till they drop dead, just look at our congressmen and senators, they make policies about modern issues knowing nothing about how the younger generation really lives, works, and uses things like music and the Internet.