This episode picks up after the school dance with Julia crushing over Sallie’s brother, and she checks out several books on football from the library. Since it’s Sunday, Julia talks the other girls into going to the town with her, she just happens to take them to the same restaurant where she and Judy met Jimmie last week, but to her bitter disappointment she finds out that he was only filling in for a friend, and he isn’t there anymore. After she finds that out she leaves Sallie and Judy there and heads back to the school. Both Sallie and Judy are shocked when they realize that Julia likes (is crushing on) Sallie’s brother Jimmie, the next day Judy receives a package from Jimmie that includes a Princeton football flag and a letter telling Judy that he likes her and wants to see her again, this upsets Julia greatly. Back in their room Julia demands that Judy tell her what she thinks of Jimmie, and Judy tells her that she likes him and Julia storms out of the room. Sallie tells Judy that she thought Judy would like him, but Judy tells her she has it wrong, she like Jimmie but like a older brother not romantically. Later Judy receives a phone call from Jimmie asking her if he can see her again (this is Judy’s first time being asked out on a date), Judy gets confused and nervous when he says that he wants to know more about her. Later that week, Julia gets a call and she thinks it’s from Jimmie, but it’s from Jarvis and he says he wants to see her and Judy, and Julia says he likes Judy and her stories. Judy gets upset because she feels that she’s living a lie and her that her whole life is a sham. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.






     Well just as Judy’s life seems to be going great; she’s out of the orphanage, she’s doing good at school, she’s wining awards for writing, and she’s has two guys interested in her the reality or her perceived reality come out of the shadows to haunt her. Judy’s accepted at school and by friends but she views that acceptance as conditional, she thinks that as long as she viewed as a upper-class girl everything will be all right, she doesn’t have the self-confidence to let the world judge her for who she is as a person not where she came from. But I can’t be too judgemental about Judy, after all she’s only about sixteen years old, she must come to terms with who she really is or she will always be haunted by ghosts of the past. Daddy Longs Legs is really starting to get interesting with the addition of boys to the storyline, one of Judy’s problems is self caused, she tells Sallie that she likes Jimmie as a brother but she can’t bring herself to tell Julia or Jimmie this fact. But after all this series is a early 1900’s version of a Cinderella story, so you have to have the princes see the real inner beauty of Cinderella (Judy) after her glass slipper has fallen off.