This episode begins right where the last episode left off at, the sky girls confronting Otoha’s younger brother/worm, and all the ship’s instruments confirm this to be the case. Otoha tries to go to him but Togo orders her to stop, and when she refuses the other girls stop her. Elise becomes angry at the worm for impersonating a human and tries to attack him, the worm attacks her with a energy beam that destroyers her nanoskin and knocks her unconscious. Togo orders the girls to return to the ship but before they leave Otoha’s brother/worm tells them the he’s the worms’ messenger and he’ll be waiting for them? After they return to the ship, Elise is taken to the medical center, and Togo calls the pilots to the bridge. Kiriko briefs everyone about the final encounter between the worms and Otoha’s brother, Otoha gets very angry at her about this issue, she’s says that no one believed her back then even thought the military knew it to be true. Otoha breaks down in tears and Togo orders the other girls to make sure Otoha gets a good nights rest, and he also tells Eika to come see him later that evening. At the meeting Togo tells Eika the full story as he knows it; Otoha, Aisha, Yuuki, and the worms have the same basic cellular structure, and Otoha must pilot the new sonic diver unit into the nest and insert a new DNA program into the worms, without this new programming they will be unable to destroy the worms. Eika tells Togo that she will protect Otoha even if it means her life, but Togo tells her he wants everyone to live through the last mission.



     Later the bigwigs discuss the mission, whether the worms letting them know the nest’s location is a declaration of war or a trap, but the Captain says it doesn’t matter they been ordered there anyway. Togo’s told that the Vic Viper unit will also assist the mission, and that they need to begin training for the mission. During the training Otoha has a bad reaction to the sonic diver and Ryohei has to pull he out, she has to go to the medical center were she finds that the problem is in her heart not her body. Later when talking to Aisha, Otoha asks if Yuuki is real or a worm and Aisha tells her he’s probably just a copy (but the originals are destroyed in the coping process) but for all purposes it means the same thing, and since the worms are based on Aisha’s DNA Yuuki was chosen because of a very close match with her, so basically the worms, Otoha, Yuuki, and Aisha are almost a complete DNA match.  After their talk Otoha seems to get her motivation back, on the ship’s deck Karen and Elise wonder if Otoha will recover and Eika tells them it up to Otoha. A few minutes later the carrier Tengu arrives carrying the Vic Viper unit and maybe Eika father. Well that’s all, below are some screen shots.



     Well, finally all the mysteries of the Sky Girls are revealed in this episode, the linkage between Otoha and her sonic diver, the link between her and the worms, and the mystery of her brother’s disappearance. Now all we have to do is wait for the results of the final battle, and to see who survives and who doesn’t. In a real life mission like this some would probably die, Eika realizes this fact, but this being anime everybody will probably live. After it’s all said and done Hizuki and Kiriko need a good ass kicking for all the lies and all the behind the back scheming they did. Oh, I can see why Otoha’s mad about being lied to and having information withheld from her, but being a former military guy I have a few terms she should become acquainted with.

SNAFU=Situation Normal All Fu%kedUp.

FUBAR=Fu%ked Up Beyond All Recognition.

BOHICA=Bend Over Here It Comes Again.