This episode begins with Judy being upset over all the lies she’s had to tell to keep her background hidden. She asks herself what kind of person has she become, smiling even though she’s really sad inside, and having to live a life that’s built on lies. She even feels that she can’t be a true friend with Julia or Sallie because the Judy they know is a lie. She writes to Daddy Long Legs for advise about these questions but receives no answers to her letters. As the girls prepare for the visit by Jervis, Judy tries to keep upbeat and cheerful even though her inner mood becomes darker and more fearful. Jervis finally shows up and he’s very cheerful to the girls, he loads them into his car and they head off to have a picnic. Julia embellishes the effort required to setup the visit and he tells her it’s important to be honest or boys won’t like her. While driving, Jervis almost runs into a tree stump and has to slam on the brakes, and Judy ends up hanging on to Jervis. When they get to the picnic spot it’s muddy and Julia doesn’t want to leave the car, Judy takes off her shoes and socks and goes barefooted, soon Sallie joins her, and finally Julia joins them rather that remaining in the car alone. After lunch Sallie and Julia head off to have some fun leaving Judy and Jervis alone, Judy tells him that no matter what Julia says about him he’s really not eccentric or irresponsible, and he thanks her for her opinion. He tells her that because people are weak they sometimes put on masks, and he also tells her that he doesn’t force people to try and understand him. Jervis tells her that he wants people to judge him after getting to know him, and after getting to know him then they can decide if they like him or not. This talk really helps Judy, she decides that someday she’ll have the strength to tell everyone that’s she really a orphan then let god decide what they’ll think of her then, but until then she won’t worry about the mask she wears. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.





     In this episode of Daddy Long Legs Judy resolves the crisis that has been clouding her heart for a long time. Even though everything has been going well for Judy lately the pressure of her constantly having to lie to Julia, Sallie and many other about her background and previous life experiences almost became too crushing for her to handle. When Judy and Jervis talked about human weaknesses and fears, and about having to wear masks, a lot of pressure was lifted from Judy. In a perfect world Jervis is absolutely right about letting people judge you after getting to know you, but Judy’s only a high school girl and we all know how cruel kids can be. As a adult you can choose who you want to try and be friends with, and you select you friends based on mutual shared experiences and interests and many other things, but school is like it’s own self-contained separate universe your nowhere near as free as an adult is in those choices.