This episode begins with Chiaki’s classmates pointing out the fact that a person in class 5-1 has the same last name as hers, and they wonder if theirs a relationship. So they go and check it out, at first Chiaki thinks that Touma Minami is a guy, well she behaves as a guy anyways. They get into a little spat and Chiaki agrees to take on Touma as a younger brother? Later in cooking class Chiaki tweaks Makoto about his cooking skills not being good enough to be able to help Haruka properly. That afternoon Chiaki brings Touma home and when Haruka and Kana walk in they mistake Touma for a guy, but Touma tells them she’s really a girl, Haruka and Kana really thought that she was a guy. Then Mako-chan shows up and Touma recognizes him, but Makoto ask her not to spill the beans. Later Touma tells everyone that even though she’s a girl she’s really a guy, then Kana has Touma sit by her and lifts her shirt to do a body check, after looking under her shirt she tells everyone no matter how you look at it Touma’s much more feminine than Chiaki. A while later Mako-chan tells Touma and Kana that he/she wants to reveal his true nature to Haruka and Chiaki, Kana thinks that it might be interesting, Makoto says that girls clothing can no longer suppress the wild urges of a man. Later Makoto confesses that he’s really a man, Chiaki and Haruka aren’t upset, Chiaki tells Touma that if Mako-chan going to impersonate Touma she should at least try harder (if Makoto could hear this his male wildness might be crushed). The next day at school Touma tells Makoto that Haruka and Chiaki still thinks that Mako-chan is a girl so try confessing to them separately. Back at the Minami house Makoto tells Kana and Touma he wants to revert back to being a guy, Touma tells him it won’t happened. As Haruka and Chiaki arrive home Makoto in his normal state as a boy and he hides under the heated table (kotatsu) rather than caught there as a guy (Well, this would be the perfect location for Ah-kun from Moetan). Makoto takes a lot of physical abuse from Kana while under the table, but a little while later Kana and Touma bail out Makoto under the ruse of a magic trick, he pops out as a girl but Kana says it’s no special magic (another dig at poor Makoto’s manhood). Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots 



     Well, another episode on Minami-ke involving gender and gender roles, Chiaki meets a girl named Touma who insists that she really a boy (no reason is given for her wanting to be a boy), actually Touma carries herself more man-like than most boys at the school. Then we have Makoto who dresses like a girl in order to be closer Haruka, the object of his affection. Whats really funny is that when Mako-chan tried to confess his secret to Chiaki and Haruka they thought it was funny, Chiaki’s even told Touma that if Mako-chan wanted to try and be a boy she should try harder, poor Makoto even though he wants Haruka to see him as a man he comes off as a girl. I thinks at that young age it’s easier for Touma to pull of the boy thing than it would be for Makoto to pull off the girl thing. But dressing boy as girls is nothing new, it was pretty standard in European society, up until the late Victorian period to dress boys in almost the same clothes (dresses, frocks, and so forth) as girls up until they were aged 6-7

     My only advice for Makoto is to go with the flow, if dressing as girl keeps him close to Haruka then keep it up, I really don’t think Haruka has a shota complex, he may wish it so but I don’t think it would really turn out the way he hopes.

Now we join Ah-kun for a special addition, Minami-ke corner. 


 Remember boys, Ah-kun says “when you have a group of cute girls seated around a Kotatsu there’s no better place to be than underneath it, the views can be most stunning!”