This episode begins with Haruka having a day off from school, and the other sisters think that she’s having a great time resting, but in reality she is very bored. The next day Chiaki wakes Kana up by sitting on her because she overslept, so Kana comes up with a plan to make Chiaki oversleep, she wakes her up in the middle of the night and tries to keep her awake by talking to her. So Kana asks Chiaki to tell her what she really thinks of her, so Chiaki talks for hours about what kind of idiot Kana is and why she thinks Kana’s stupid. In the end Kana’s plan fails because they both end up falling asleep in the dining room, and that’s where Haruka finds them in the morning. Then next week Chiaki wakes Kana up in the middle of the night to present her with a 10,000 word essay on her stupidity, and she tells her to read it and reflect on it. The next funny skit is when Kana gets sick Chiaki looks after her and Kana tells her to go watch her favorite TV show but she says watching her suffer is much more entertaining, a short while later Kana is better and Chiaki get ill. Then there’s a pretty funny skit about the sister trying on each others school uniforms, amazingly enough Haruka can still fit into Kana’s uniform and the skirt is eye pleasingly short on her. Next, Kana talks Chiaki into making a cake by telling her that Haruka wanted to eat that kind of cake, but before Haruka gets home Kana eats the whole thing causing a fight between the girls, and Haruka defuses the situation by telling them they’ll  make another cake together. Well, That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     Well, this episode in a switch from the last few episodes, in the last few episodes school, and relationships with school friends were featured, but this episode concentrated on the relationship between Kana and Chiaki. For the most part I find their relationship to be funny and amusing, but I can’t shake the fact that Kana is jealous of Chiaki’s closeness to Haruka, it’s almost like she feels that she needs Chiaki to state the fact that she’s loves her as a sister (can anyone see the yuri potential here, I’ll be willing to bet that there’s dozens of Dōjinshi featuring this pairing available in Japan right now). Overall a nice, relaxing, slowly paced episode of anime.