Back at Touma’s house her three brothers wonder what the other Minami household is like, are they good people or not. They wonder if the reason she’s become more foul mouthed and boy-like is caused by them or the influence of the other household. So the eldest brother orders the youngest brother (Akira) to follow her there and check out the other household. So once he’s there they decide to treat him like Touma to ease his fears. Later at school Kana is talking with Akira about what kind of girls he likes and he tells her he like long hair, so Kana says the perfect girl for him is Riko. Fujioka sees Akira talking with Kana and gets very jealous and goes over to them, Kana tells Akira when he asks who’s that, she tells him he’s the bancho, frightening Akira greatly. Akira gets the wrong impression and thinks that Riko is Fujioka’s girlfriend so he tells him he like Kana instead, making the situation worst. After school we spend about three minutes of the show watching Chiaki kicking a stone around and when she almost gets it home Kana ruins her game without even knowing it. At Haruka’s school the other brother Natsuki wants to thank Haruka for caring for his younger brother and sister, as he’s walking up to Haruka one of her friends pushes him into Haruka’s twin peaks, she’s knows it’s a mistake but he has to take punishment or she’ll loses face. Later Natsuki goes to the other household to thank her properly for caring for Touma and Akira which leads to a funny skit about breasts, nose bleeds, and taking your iron. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     Well, eleven episodes of Minami-ke down and two to go for the first Minami-ke series, so were back to the issues of mistaken perceptions and miscommunication between boys and girls. The other Minami household wants to check out the influence that the other Minami household has on their sister and they end up getting sucked into the black hole of cuteness that is the Minami-ke household, once you cross the event horizon of the Minami household (their front door) your never want to leave, just ask Makoto and Touma. A lot of pretty standard anime perceptions are covered here, virgin guys getting nosebleeds when aroused, well I guess it’s better than showing what happens when horny middle school and high school guys stare and hot chicks for too long. I know what their trying to get at about taking your iron to prevent nosebleeds, that might actually work if the cause of the bleeds is anemia, but when the cause of the nosebleeds is sexual frustration, well over half of Japanese and American teen aged guys would be bleeding over their school desks everyday whether they took their iron or not, it would get quite messy. Where they get it perfectly right is in the skit about Chiaki kicking to rock, I’ve seen my niece who’s about the same age as Chiaki get totally involved in some silly game that can last for a long time, oblivious to everything else. Overall this was a very relaxing episode of anime.