This episode begins with Kana talking to Haruka about Chiaki’s dreams being ruined by Chiaki seeing their cousin Takeru changing into a Santa outfit two years ago. So, Kana has Fujioka sneak into the house and change into a Santa outfit, he goes into her room and places a gift on her bed, just as he is leaving she wakes up and he tells her merry Christmas. Chiaki come running out of the room telling Haruka and Kana that Santa was here and he wasn’t Takeru. Kana playfully instigates a fight with Chiaki by telling her she’s still a child. Later when Chiaki’s asleep, she has a dream about Santa and the gift he left her. Than the show switches to the other Minami household and the atmosphere there is very different from the other household. In my last post about Minami-ke one of the comments left about my post was about how Touma’s brothers talk about her right in front her basically ignoring her, and in this episode that comment more true than ever, it’s almost like she’s the invisible girl, she’s there but not really there. On Christmas day Fujioka goes over to the house to give Kana a gift (that’s a big deal, Christmas time is one of the biggest time of the years in Japan for hooking up, or trying to get hooked up) but once there, he sees Takeru standing outside in a Santa outfit, the Minami girls have stepped out for a while. Takeru and Fujioka end up waiting for a long while the Minami sisters enjoy a good meal in a restaurant, in the end they both have to leave because Takeru has to work the next day and Fujioka has club practice the next morning. The next day Touma is over their house and she’s wonders if she should pay for the food she eats there, of course Kana says yes, but Haruka says not to worry about it. Over the next several days Fujioka struggles with how to give his gift to Kana, in the end he gives Kana a gift of food instead of the really cute Christmas hair bows he originally intended to give her. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots. 





Screen shots of tomboy Touma with her good for nothing brothers, I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s pretty cute when being a tomboy. 




My impressions of episode 12

@ Yes Kana’s tomboy behavior is caused by her “good for nothing brothers”

@ It’s really cute how Chiaki can be so sarcastic and logical and still believe in Santa Claus.

@ Kana really does care for Chiaki even though they always argue, it would be nice if Chiaki would show her the same once in a while.

@ Fujioka’s vision of a cute Christmas Kana is very nice, but I think changing his gift to food might actually get him farther than the hair bows.

@ Touma really is the invisible girl, her brothers talk about her, and whats good for her, but never listen to what she has to say. They would rather look at pictures of her than actually talk to her in person.

Now a picture of Fujioka’s vision of Christmas Kana, actually his  impression of this Kana is very cute.