This episode starts off back in the dream world/other world, with the junk doll having a conversation with the young girl. The doll realizes that it must have come/or lived in another word in the past or in the future, and it struggles to recall those other memories. Then we pick up with Tomoya and Nagisa discussing how to get more members for the drama group. So, Tomoya tries to recruit Youhei and Kotomi, and Tomoya thinks it would be good to pull Kotomi out of her world of books and get her to interact with more real people. Later Kotomi ask Tomoya if Nagisa is his girlfriend and he says no, everyone around Tomoya and Nagisa knows that they are a couple except them (how cute). Tomoya takes it as his mission to train Kotomi on how to be more social and how to make some friends. Well, the plan works to some extent, Kotomi makes friends with Kyou and in celebration of this event Kyou wants Tomoya to take them someplace interesting, and to Kyou’s annoyance they end up in theater club’s meeting room. Later during the theater club’s meeting they hear a violin playing and Kotomi runs out of the room and it to a room where a girl is playing the violin, she asks Kotomi if she would like to try to play it. Kotomi accepts the violin and her playing is so bad it shatters lights and windows driving everyone to their knees in pain. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.





     Well, here we are at episode 10 of Clannad, after finishing the Fuko centered episodes we seem to be starting a arc focusing on Kotomi. Nagisa and Tomoya seem the be more of a couple than ever before, everyone one knows this except the two of them, even if they don’t notice it they seem to be tied together by the red string of fate. In the aftermath of Fuko’s gentle fading Nagisa and Tomoya seem to have forgotten personally knowing her, but as Nagisa tells Tomoya she recalls a nostalgic warm and sad feeling. I really liked the last arc, I know that some people dislike anime that intentionally pulls at the viewers’ heartstrings, but I’m a old softy and a sucker of melodrama nowadays.

     The world of Clannad is the perfect male fantasy world, a world where all the girls are cute with almost all of these girls being kind and gentle, a world where even the most hard edged and gruff girls really harbor a heart of gold. This is a world where all the sweetest and cutest girls don’t have boyfriends and are just waiting for a normal guy to come along and touch their souls, this is emotional escapism at the purest level, a world where gentle and lonely souls flutter around each other like moths around a flame until they finally meet creating the perfect emotional connection. Clannad is also a world where even a girl laying in a coma longings for connection, human contact, and love is so great it can cross the boundaries of human consciousness to touch the lives of others. This is emotional escapism of the highest level, and I’m buying into it.