This episode begins with Kotomi continuing to practice the violin at school and her playing is still injuring the ears of those around her. Later Kyou and Tomoya keep trying to improve Kotomi’s social skills but her sense of verbal timing is still off. After Kotomi, Nagisa, and Ryou leave school, Kyou asks Tomoya if he liked a girl would he actually date her, he kind of blows the question off saying that he’s a delinquent and not very good material. Tomoya wakes up Sunday morning to find his house a mess, and his father passed out again on the floor, so he leaves the house and ends up finding Kotomi practicing the violin at the school. Tomoya falls asleep after eating a apple pie that Kotomi baked, and while sleeping he has weird dream, the weirdness of his dream rises to the level of a acid trip. On Monday, Kotomi is scheduled to have a outdoor violin recital, Kyou has strong armed a large number of students to attend, Tomoya is very worried about the outcome knowing Kotomi’s skill level with the violin. Nagisa tells Tomoya that Kotomi has improved her skills greatly, but once the recital starts her playing has not really improved and is painful to everyone. But by the end it seems that her skills has improved to the point that no one died from the music. After the recital the group is walking home together, and someone tries to grab Kotomi, and Nagisa, Tomoya, and the others protect her, when they ask Tomoya who that was all she says is that the bad guy. Well, that’s all of this episode, below are some screen shots.




      Overall I felt that this was a very strange episode, I don’t think that it did much to advance the main series plot. All this episode did was flesh out the Kotomi character some more, she begins to slowly come up of her shell, but her social skills are still sorely lacking. As far as I’m concerned there were only two interesting points in this episode; the first interesting point is when Kyou asks Tomoya about dating; and the second interesting point comes at the end with the man trying to grab? Kotomi. I also found Tomoya’s weird dream kind of funny, what else did Kotomi but in that apple pie, PCP or maybe LSD? One thing I do have to say about Kotomi is that as far as I’m concerned  she’s the best looking of the Clannad girls, in real life I’m a leg man so I’m a sucker for a good set of legs, and in my opinion Kotomi’s got a killer set of legs. Well, when all is said and done I give this episode 5 out of 10.