This episode begins with Kotomi returning the violin back to the girl she borrowed it from and Kotomi making another friend. While walking down the hallway Tomoya asks Kotomi isn’t it nice to be making friends, while walking Kotomi starts crying after Tomoya’s asks the question. The next day Nagisa asks Tomoya if it’s nice that Kotomi no-longer stays in the library and is back taking classes with the rest of the students. Later that afternoon the group is in the theater club room talking about what they do when not in school, Kyou says that every-one’s answer is very lame and it’s a waste of one’s mind and body, and what they should be doing is going out on a group date. So, the next day they meet for the group date (back in high school I was never so lucky to be on a group date with just me a four hot girls). While out on the town they attempt to win a large stuffed animal but it’s a complete failure and Kyou asks who can say they’ll achieve victory and out of nowhere Fuko appears, and she claims she can achieve victory. No one remembers her but they all feel that they had met her before, so Fuko gives the game a try and what does she win? (a starfish).



     After a fun day they all head home, Tomoya walks Kotomi home and she thanks him for her meeting him and giving her a good time. She gives him a book/diary and tells him to hang on to it, he doesn’t have to read it just hold on to it. Just as Tomoya is questioning her about this, the old man (the bad guy) shows up and Kotomi grabs Tomoya and forces him to run away with her. Later that night Tomoya has another strange dream, and he comments to himself about his strange dreams. On the way to school Nagisa thinks that Ryou might have been in a bus accident but to every-one’s relief she was unharmed, Kotomi has a bad reaction (almost seems like she’s having a breakdown) after this incident. The rest of the group is very worried about her, she left school and went home but the nurse and the other teachers won’t tell them anything because of privacy concerns (what the hells is the deal). Later Tomoya runs into the “bad man” and he asks him whats the deal, and he says he knew Kotomi when she was little and wonders why Tomoya doesn’t remember. They talk and the man leaves a message for Kotomi, “they apologize for what happened on that day”, he says nothing more. Tomoya follows a butterfly (symbolic for dreams, or for memories) to the back of Kotomi’s house where he gets visions of the past, he enters her house and goes upstairs and finds Kotomi in a room completely covered in paper clippings. A clipping falls off the wall and mentions something to the effect that Kotomi’s parents are dead  and this inductees a memory in Tomoya and he’s sure that they’ve met before. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.





     Well, this episode was a lot more interesting and important than the last episode. In the previous episode all that happened was some character development, but in this episode we head towards the nitty gritty of Kotomi’s social problems. Tomoya is linked in someways to Kotomi ‘s past and her possible future, he just has to puzzle it out. With all this stuff revolving around him, he’s either a source of healing or a source of limitless sadness. But I have to agree with Kyou that their wasting their innocent youth, yes Kyou it’s time to get busy using those smoking hot bodies (sorry, for that last comment, it’s a six pack of beer talking).