Well, it’s been quite a long time since I posted anything on the Moetan series, episode 6 will be skipped because it was pulled from TV broadcast and switched to a DVD only release, episode 6 was titled “the first date”. The anime production company created a recap episode called “Sumi and Ruriko’s Moetan Diary“, also called episode 5.5, this episode features a recap of the three magic girls and includes showing all of their transformation scenes, I watched the RAW for the episode and the episode really doesn’t really give any new material so I don’t know if anyone will sub it.

     So, here we go with episode 7, this episode begins with everyone getting ready for the high-school festival and Ink is very excited about this. When she gets home, Ink invites her mother and father to the school fair, her mother tells her that she can’t wait to see Ink and Nao dressed as ghosts, and she also tells Ink not to go anywhere dark with Nao, after hearing this Ink  goes into “dream mode”. Ink’s class is running a ghost cafe and Sumi is working the entrance as a nine tailed fox demon, and they even got the ghost Miho to help out, Ink and Nao are working inside where Ink thinks she can be alone with Nao in the dark at last, poor Ink no luck there. Later Ink finds her mother and also runs into Nao’s sister Mio who makes a comments about how Ink still looks like a grade school girl. Later in the afternoon everyone goes to watch the Alice-chan concert, and as she begins to sing everyone starts passing out due to Alice’s magic. Alice then transfers most of the school to a land of dreams and illusions, Ah-kun asks Alice why she involved innocent people and she tells him that she wants him to reveal his true nature, and Ink says isn’t he naturally perverted? Alice tells Ink and Ah-kun that they have two hours to save the school or everyone including themselves will be trapped forever. After a while Ink, Sumi, and the mascots manage to clear the building and save everyone at the school.  Then we get a pretty funny episode of Moetan Corner geared towards figure otaku. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.





Now I know why the front row is the best seat in the house at a Japanese idol concert.



Moetan corner for otaku.





Enough said!

     In my opinion Moetan has been the best spoof of the magic girl genre I’ve seen in several year, and almost everything about the magic girl genre has been turned or twisted in a very funny way in Moetan . In the magic girl genre the mascots are supposed to be the older voice of wisdom providing guidance to the young magic girls, but in this series all the mascots seem to be interested in after providing some guidance is getting the best view of a pantie shot or walking into a bath scene. In the magic girl genre the transformation sequences are supposed to show the stripping away of the normal nature of the girl and the change into her more magical and slightly more mature temporary nature, but in Moetan the transformation scenes features more stripping than anything, and the girls change not into a slightly older version of themselves but into a much more loli sexual version of themselves. Another difference between normal magic girls and the Moetan magic girls are the girls themselves, in a standard magic girls show all the magic girls are innocent and pure, as a matter of fact most of their power and strength comes from their purity and the power of their pure love for others, but Ink may technically still be pure and innocent it’s not due to her lack of desire or her lack of efforts. It’s funny that most horny characters in anime are males who constantly get rejected and frustrated by their crushes or any other girl in general, but in Moetan you have a horny girl practically throwing herself at the guy and he’s either too dumb or too shy to help her out, oh well I guess that’s the fantasy their selling, “he may be too stupid notice, but I’d sure as hell would figure it out“. As a long time fan of the magic girl genre I find Moetan to be a great series and it has me laughing out loud many times.