For years I have kept my anime collection in storage boxes, and many of my friends have told me to take my spare room which I have been using only as a computer room and convert it into a hobby room. So, after a lot of planning and a good deal of money I have finally finished my “anime cave”. On one wall of the room I custom built 70 feet of pine shelving for my DVDs and VHS tapes, on top of the shelves my small collection of anime figures pulls guard duty, also behind the shelves is stored my hand built oak Texas Hold-em card table (I also love to play Texas Hold-em).  On the next wall I have a 19” color TV and I placed a small magazine shelf where I store old issues of Animerica, Newtype Japan, Manga Max, anime and manga art books, and a few Japanese AV idol photo-books 🙂 Below are two shots of the DVD storage, and one shot of the magazine storage.


     On the next wall I have my manga storage, book storage, and my computer center. My manga storage is a small four shelf unit, I only keep the manga I really like, all others I give away to younger fans that have less spending money than me. Next to the manga storage I have my book shelf, it’s a five shelf unit with half dedicated to regular books, like my manga collection I only keep the books I really like, and all other I donate to my local library, and the other half is dedicated to research books on Asian culture, manga, anime, and other related stuff. Next to the book shelf I have my computer system, a Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM, with 2 external hard drives with a total storage of 2TB. Below are two shots of this wall.


     Now, to the center of my entertainment world be it anime related or non-anime related, the TV is a 50″ Samsung 1080P DLP TV, I have a HD DVD and a Blu-ray player hooked to it by HDMI, and I can also watch anime from my computer on this TV via a HMDI cable running from my computer’s video card. Nothing beats watching a football game with friends on a 1080P TV. Below is a shot of the entertainment center.


     All that’s left to do in the hobby room “anime cave” is to hang some of my anime cells, and my special edition anime posters.