This episode begins with Emily and Ilse walking to school together and their having a good time, later at school Emily stares out the window dreaming of the wind woman. At school Emily gets roped it to writing a script for a upcoming charity play by Rhoda who is trying to humiliate her. When Emily gets home she is excited by the upcoming play but aunt Elizabeth forbids her from writing the script, and she tells her to do something like sewing. Later while Emily is taking a walk she draws inspiration from the beauty of nature, and this gives her hope. Emily then runs into Teddy who helps her with a idea for her script, and he also loans her some paper and a pencil to write with. Emily works most of the night writing her script, and she is very tired in the morning, she shows Ilse the script before school.  After school Emily and Ilse are practicing the lines from the play when Ilise gets angry with Emily over the lines and she storms off to go home. Then Emily meets Perry,  and his reading skills have improved greatly, so he fills in for Ilse role helping Emily practice for the play. The next day Ilse has calmed down and begins to practice again with Perry helping them. The other girls are also preparing for their play, with Rhoda’s father even ordering fancy costumes for the other girls. The day before the play aunt Elizabeth finds Emily’s script and doesn’t seem to react well to it, and later that night she tears it up in front of her. Emily tells aunt Elizabeth that she’s memorized the lines already, and that she’s still invited to come watch the play tomorrow. The next aunt Elizabeth says she’s not coming to watch, but Perry, aunt Laura, and cousin Jimmy show up to watch. Rhoda’s group starts off with their version of the little mermaid and mess it up, then Emily and Ilse put on a great performance of Emily’s play getting rave reviews from the audience, even aunt Elizabeth shows up for a while but she doesn’t acknowledge Emily or her play. That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.







     I can’t rave enough about how much I like this anime, the animation is crisp and vividly painted with bright and lively colors, and the background can be almost breathtakingly beautiful at many times. The characters are realistic and fully fleshed out, and this anime doesn’t fall into the trap of drawing all the female characters as raving beauties, their pretty but not unrealistically so. Emily of New Moon is a anime about the clash of tradition vs modernity, with aunt Elizabeth representing a classic view of womanhood, and Emily representing the desires for a more modern girlhood/womanhood, Emily wants to write, be educated, and express her creativity, and Elizabeth believes in sewing, cooking, and much more reserved form of womanhood. But what I really like about this series is how Emily a 11/12 year old girl displays the wonder and imagination that only a child has, when she’s out in nature she views everything with wonder, and nature represents a limitless hope for the future. You can become enthralled in the natural vista’s of New Moon, this is a time and a place that no longer exists in our modern world, New Moon is a world not despoiled by cars, roads, urban sprawl, and strip malls. Also, this anime is truly a family anime, if your a fan of anime but are afraid to expose your younger children to “kids anime and cartoons”  that contain violence and sexualization of children you can feel safe in letting any child watch this show. Not only is there anything objectionable in Emily but this anime also teaches valuable life lessons, like the benefits of true friendship, working hard, reading, writing, learning, and following your heart.