At the beginning of this episode we get introduced to a new character, Lofty John who lives alone in the nearby woods. His place is located near the New Moon farm, and Emily and her friends go and play at his place every now and then. They go to visit him but he’s not home, and Emily tells them that aunt Elizabeth has been trying to buy his land for along time but he’s not selling, and when he gets home Ilse asks him outright why he’s won’t sell?



     When Emily gets home aunt Elizabeth is upset about her visit to John’s, and she is angry about John’s refusal to sell the Murrays back the land. The next day when Jimmy, aunts Laura and Elizabeth head out Emily writes in her journal speculating on why aunt Elizabeth dislike reading and writing and why is she always mean to her. Elizabeth comes home early and catches Emily writing and demands to see her journal (how cruel, even when I was a kid a private diary or journal was off limits to parents/adults), they fight and Emily burns her journal in the wood stove rather than let aunt Elizabeth read it.


     After burning her journal Emily runs out of the house and flees into the woods in sadness, she believes that she can never recreated all the things she wrote earlier. She runs to John’s place in tears, she feels that when she burned her journal she ripped out a piece of her heart. When she gets to John’s place she eats some apples before reading a note saying not to eat them because they contain rat poison, Emily flees John’s place thinking she’s going to die, heads home and writes a note/ her will. She tells them is wasn’t John’s fault and bequeaths all her belonging to her friends and even tells them what she wants to wear before being placed in the coffin, and then she lays down to die. Perry finds Emily’s note and sees her lying there, but she’s still awake and she tells him to pray for her. When Laura and Elizabeth return home, Perry is very upset but Elizabeth doesn’t buy it, so she goes to John’s place where he asks her if they fell for the trick, Elizabeth gets angry and asks him to sell the land back, he tells her no and to get out. After learning about the trick John pulled Emily is very angry and hasn’t visited him or the woods since then. Then at the end of the episode Emily overhears the news that John is going to cut down the woods. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



     This episode continues with the conflict between Elizabeth and Emily, Elizabeth believes that writing stories and poetry aren’t proper ladylike things but sewing, dressmaking, and cooking are (oh, I guess we can add barefoot and pregnant to the list later on), and Emily’s nature is to be creative and to use her imagination to provide enjoyment to others. The fight over Emily’s writing finally comes to a head with Emily showing aunt Elizabeth that she would rather burn a piece of her heart rather than have her private feelings picked through. What makes these stories special is that the author Lucy Maud Montgomery (the author of the Anne of Green Gables fame) bases some of the stories from the Emily novels on her real life childhood experiences growing up on Prince Edwards Island. If you want to be transported to a time and place that no longer exists but was once real than this series is for you.