This episode begins with Candy trying to explain to the other orphans how nice the feast she and Annie had at the Brighton’s place, then Mr. Brighton pays them a visit and he brings a barbecue to feed the other children. All the children are having a great time but Annie wonders if Mr. Brighton is here to take one of them away? Later that night Candy is called into the office where sister Pony asks Candy if she would like to be adopted by Mr. Brighton, Candy asks why would Mr. Brighton want to adopt a tomboy like her? Sister Pony tells Candy that Mr. Brighton sees a gentle and kind soul hiding underneath her tomboy exterior, Annie overhears this because she’s spying outside the door. Sister Pony and Sister Lane both tell Candy to start thinking about her own happiness, later she tells a tearful Annie that she won’t leave her. As the news spreads of candy’s upcoming adoption everybody is upset, most of all Annie. What ends up happening is that Candy makes a bad impression on Mr. Brighton’s wife on purpose to sabotage the adoption.



     Then Candy finds out that they want to adopt Annie and Annie said yes to them, she begs Candy’s forgiveness because she wants a mother and father. Candy feels like she was stabbed in the back and she runs out of the house cursing Annie for the betrayal. Candy spends all night outside in the rain and when she wakes up she finds Annie watching over her and Annie says she’s sorry, Candy forgives her and says they must part ways. On the day of Annie’s adoption she has a tearful farewell with everyone at the orphanage, but Annie must leave to find her own happiness. Well that’s all for this episode below are some screen shots.





     Well this episode reveals a lot about Candy’s personality, she cares deeply for other’s happiness, and that’s her greatest strength and her greatest weakness. Sister Pony and Sister Lane both told Candy that she needs to start thinking about her own happiness, but Candy loves too deeply for that to happen. Another interesting point made by this anime can be found in several other anime including the movie The little girl who lept Time in trying to keep everything the same you can cause additional trouble, Candy’s actions in trying to keep her and Annie together forever still caused them to part anyway. Candy, if she keeps this up will endure a lot of pain because she always thinks of other before herself and many will use this trait to hurt her but many will also love her because of this. This series is now 32 years old but it is still one of the best examples of classic shojo at it’s finest.