This episode begins with Emily overhearing Jimmy, Laura, and Elizabeth talking about how John is telling everyone that he’s going to cut down the woods. Jimmy says that if that was to happens it would finish New Moon farm along with John’s Place. The next day Emily is talking with Jimmy and he explains to her that John’s woods act as a barrier to the salt water spray and the harsh winter winds and that without them that New Moon couldn’t exist. Later that night Emily hears her father’s voice in the wind asking her if she really can give up that quickly on saving the woods? Emily thinks that if her father were to ask her, she’d listen, but she wonders if theirs anyone John would listen to.



     The next day Perry tells Emily about Father Cassidy, and that John listens to him, Emily decides to go and talk to Father Cassidy because aunt Elizabeth would be too proud to do it. Later that night John seems to be lonely since the children have stopped visiting him, and he also looks pretty bored. Emily walks a hell of a long way to get to the church, once there she gets frightened because Perry told her he’s a scary and a unapproachable man. When she finally meets Father Cassidy he seems very nice and kind and he listens to Emily’s story and tries to think of a way to help. During their talk Emily tells him a poem she wrote and he’s very impressed and he tells her to keep on writing.


     Father Cassidy goes and talks to John as a friend, and later in the day John sees Emily walking home from school and gives her a ride in his buggy. He tells her he won’t cut down the woods, and he would have stopped if she had asked him to. When she gets home she tells everyone about John’s promise not to cut down the woods, and even aunt Elizabeth gives Emily some praise in her own way. The next day Jimmy give Emily a new writing journal for saving the woods and the farm. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



     This episode continues with the themes of a love of nature and natural beauty, Emily truly loves nature and that love drives her creativity and her spirit. When she’s in touch with nature it unlocks her imagination, I don’t really think she really hears a wind woman or her dead father’s voice but in my opinion her inner spirit hears those thing when she is connected with nature. Because this anime is so involved with nature you can clearly see the quality the creators but into the backgrounds, and natural surroundings. I love this series and will keep watching.