This episode begins with Eika doing some dogfighting training against the Viper unit back at the old base, even though Eika is piloting a older jet she easily beats Hizaki’s Viper pilots, and then she turns down a offer to join the Viper unit. Then we get to see Karen back at her old school and she seems much more easy going around guys than before, and we also learn that it’s six months after the defeat of the worms. Then we move on to Elise who’s now a normal schoolgirl,  and she’s now living with Gen-san and his family as his adopted daughter. Togo, Hizuki, Eika, and Nanae are reunited back at the Oppama test base for some reason. In the control tower Nanae and Eika are watching three young recruits training, and Nanae tells Eika that six more girls should be arriving soon, oh by the way Eika has been promoted to Lieutenant.



      Then we see Otoha back on her home island diving off the coast just like before,  Ranko and Haruko stop by the island in a military plane to bring her a letter, and after reading the letter she agrees to be picked up by them in one months time. News flash, we finally get to see Karen and her brother together for the first time. Once everyone is back at the base, Togo introduced the candidates for the sonic diver rescue team to the old crew, Lt Eika will be the supervisor of the unit. Back in the hanger Ryohei tells the girls that their old sonic diver units can only be piloted by them, so their units are going to be retired to a memorial as a symbol of peace. The next day all kinds of press and so forth are there for the commemoration ceremony of the old sonic diver unit, and then the girls have to fly the last mission, conducting a demonstration flight and retiring the four original sonic diver units. As the girls are conducting the final flight Aisha wakes up from her six month sleep. Well that’s all for the series, below are some screen shots.






     Well this episode brings to a end one of my favorite anime of 2007, this show was a fine example of a fun action packed si-fi anime. This anime featured interesting characters, a nice storyline, good pacing, above average animation quality, and above all else it was fun to watch and Sky Girls never took itself too seriously. The last episode was a nice wrap up to the series, everyone ended up back where they started but with improvement to their inner strength and their confidence for all the experiences they had together, it’s seems like everyone is doing all right and getting along with their lives. The original Sky Girls can now retire their sonic diver units to posterity and enjoy the fame of saving the world, nice ending!