This episode begins with autumn coming over the island and New Moon farm, Emily finds out that the room her mother lived in when she was young is kept locked and someday she wants to look inside. Emily, Teddy, and Ilse are fishing when Emily tells them that when her mother left to marry her father against Elizabeth’s wishes Elizabeth locked the room and has never opened ever since, and Emily wants to go inside but she’s too honest to break in. Later in the day Jimmy and Laura are talking with Elizabeth about Emily’s mother Juliet and how they would like to let Emily inside the room, Elizabeth seems to be having a internal struggle on whether or not to allow it. Later Emily is standing in front of her mother’s room when aunt Elizabeth walks up and Emily asks questions about her mother and also asks to see inside the room. Elizabeth says opening the room will not bring back what was lost, then Emily and Elizabeth argue and Emily asks her if she really hates her sister that much and runs out of the house. While Emily’s outside, Jimmy comes over and talks with her, she learns about her mother’s poor health, and that everyone really loved her. Emily also learns what her mother’s dream was, for everyone to be happy and she wanted to become an adult and a mother to a girl. 



     While Emily’s outside Elizabeth and Laura read the last letter Juliet sent them after being unopened for ten years, then as Emily comes inside Elizabeth is reminded of Juliet when she sees Emily. Elizabeth takes Emily upstairs and opens the room for her, and they go inside the room. Then Emily and Elizabeth look out the window to see a rainbow, rainbows were Juliet’s favorite thing to look at, then Laura gives Emily her mother’s last letter to read. The letter talks about Emily’s birth, and how happy it made her and how she wishes for Emily’s happiness and the letter also asks for Elizabeth to forgive her for their unhappy parting. That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     This episode resolves many of the issues surrounding the relationship between aunt Elizabeth and Emily’s mother Juliet. Elizabeth was angry at her younger sister for marrying a man she didn’t like but you can tell that was not the real issue, everyone knew that Juliet was a sickly child so I think that Elizabeth loved her so much that her leaving was the real issue not the marriage. But after Elizabeth reads Juliet’s last letter I think that Elizabeth forgives her sister, Elizabeth comes to realize that Emily’s birth was the conclusion of Juliet’s dream, and also Juliet’s wish for every one’s happiness kind of unlocks Elizabeth’s heart. What Emily’s effect on New Moon Farm is like a breath of fresh air, while Elizabeth, Jimmy and Laura are not unhappy they seemed kind of frozen in a dull gray world not really living for the future, but Emily’s appearance has a great effect on them not unlike when Tohru Honda arrives at the Sohma’s household in the anime Fruits Basket. Emily with her loving nature and spirit of wonder brings life back to the New Moon Farm, it is now a happier place because of her presence.