Very Delicious Cake, and other interesting searches.


Every blogger must look at the list of search engine terms the lead his readers to his blog every once in a while, I look this data about once a week. I find this search engine data very amusing at times and at other times quite confusing. I know that most of the internet traffic is driven by music, video, or porn so one can assume that most searches will in one way or another reflect this reality of the internet. So in this post I will attempt to match some of the more bizarre search terms leading people to my blog with pictures I think fit properly.

#1. Most bizarre term leading to my blog.  Loli Train

Over the past several weeks I’ve noticed several people looking for a “Loli Train” so below is a loli train for those folks searching for one.

the japan loli train.jpg

#2. The second most interesting search engine request I’ve seen pop up in my data is a search for a “real Japanese fighting school girl” so the picture below is for you. 


#3. Another interesting search and one I can appreciate is for a “Sexy Japanese Nurse” so this one is for you.


It’s seems that cute Japanese girls at the beach gets searched for quite often so below are some cute Japanese girls at a beach for your viewing.


Another popular search term linking people to this blog is “Cute Schoolgirl“, so below are two cute schoolgirl pictures.


And finally another interesting search engine term leading people to this blog is “cute Japanese kimono girl” so below are two kimono pictures.


As for many other search engine terms I find turning up in my data I can’t list here because this a fairly clean anime blog, if you want those pictures you’ll just have to find them for yourselves and not from me.