This episode begins with Judy and Julia helping Sallie do some shopping for the school’s upcoming Thanksgiving dinner, while walking through town the girls stumble upon a orphanage choir singing for donations. When Judy sees this she has flash backs to her days at the orphanage doing the same thing, before the collection box gets to the girls Judy makes an excuse and heads home. Sallie is so moved by seeing the orphans she decides to invite them to the school’s Thanksgiving dinner to share their blessings with them. When Sallie gets back to the room she tells Judy about this and asks for her help, Julia suggests collecting clothes and other things for the orphans, Judy is not very cheerful about the idea. After a while Judy can’t take it anymore and makes a excuse and goes to her room to cry. 



     The next day Sallie has Judy come along to a meeting with one of the orphanage’s teachers, Judy takes a dislike towards the woman because she feels that making the kids sing and so forth is humiliating to the children. Later when Sallie is collecting money Judy tells her that she thinks that using the children to sing for donations is like using them as tools. Later Sallie and Julia go to the orphanage to visit the teacher’s class and they are shocked by orphanage life, so much so that Sallie can no longer deal with them, and it looks like the Thanksgiving visit it off. Judy tells the other girls that even though she was against the visit withdrawing the invitation would be like lying to the children. Judy’s is very angry with Sallie because of this but Julia says she has no right to complain because she never did anything to help the orphans herself, and Judy realizes that Julia is correct. Later that night in bed Judy thinks to herself that she’s upset at how weak rich daughters are, and that she might be changing into a rich daughter herself and if she’s more worried about hiding from the pain of the past then helping the orphans. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     Well in this episode Judy’s past comes back to touch her again, even though she’s living the life of a upper class girl she still has to come to terms with who she is. At the end of this episode she wonders if she’s turning in to a rich girl herself and if she more worried about her own pain then helping others. In this episode Julia’s prodding of Judy helps her in making a decision, Julia was right in telling her she has no right to complain about Sallie when she’s done even less. When Judy can finally confront her past is when she will have fully matured from an insecure girl into a independent strong woman.