This episode begins with Tomoya talking with Kotomi inside her house and he asks her if she knew who he was all along, she tells him that she knew who he was all along and that he didn’t remember her. She says that after he became her friend again and introduced her to more friends she couldn’t decide to tell him or keep him in ignorance of the past or tell him the truth. After a while Kotomi begins to refresh Tomoya’s memories of their past friendship, and she also tells Tomoya about her past and her parents. Kotomi relates the story about how her parents had to break their promise about being there for her birthday party because they both have to go on a business trip, but Tomoya and his friends were supposed to keep her company during the party, Kotomi is very upset about this and calls her parents liars for not being their for her party.



      In the end nobody showed up for her party, and a knock at the door brings news of her parents death in a plane crash. The person informing her of the crash became the “bad person” because he wanted to look for a copy of some important paper that went down in the crash with her parents. Kotomi gets angry about the paper that took her parents away from her so she goes into her father’s study and burn it. Tomoya asks her why she did it and she says she doesn’t really know, but she started collecting articles and studying books about her parents and their research to atone for her sin of destroying the paper. Kotomi tells Tomoya to leave her alone because she doesn’t want to experience sadness or the loss of a loved one again. The next day at school Tomoya learns that Kotomi has accepted a offer to study overseas and might not return to Japan again. That afternoon Tomoya returns to Kotomi’s house and begins to cleanup the outside yard, and then Nagisa shows up and tells him that Kyou and Ryou along with Nagisa want to throw Kotomi the birthday party she never had. Tomoya continues to work on the outside of the house and it’s a very hard go. Later the girls want to give Kotomi the violin from earlier but they damage it and it can’t get repaired by her birthday so they decide to help Tomoya with the outside project. Then as their all working outside Nagisa thinks that she seen the curtains inside the house move, until then there’s has been no sign of life inside the house for days. That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




      Well it’s been awhile since I watched a episode Clannad but I found getting into the proper mood was pretty easy, now all I need after watching this episode is a double dose of Prozac or about a dozen uppers. This episode show how Kotomi got so screwed up as a child, like many children Kotomi told her parents in a moment of anger that she hated them, but unlike most of these times they died before she had a chance to see them again, and then without thinking she burned their most important work rather than letting someone else use it.  The Kotomi then spends years trying to study about her parents and their work in a effort to atone for that mistake. Also Kotomi tells Tomoya that she doesn’t want to experience sadness or loss again, so Kotomi has locked herself away from the normal world and dwelled in a world of books and learning separate from human contact.

     The thing I don’t understand is Tomoya’s case of memory loss, as Kotomi tells him that he was her best and only friend when they were young, but he doesn’t even remember her or why he no-showed her birthday party. Boy, I wish I could have that kind of selective memory loss, how convenient it would be to forget how you hurt certain friends by forgetting key events like birthday parties and so forth. Well one things certain you wouldn’t want to be dating one of the girls surrounding Tomoya, instead of getting laid you’d probably end up in a weeping mess or end up committing suicide because of all their sadness rubbing off on you.