This episode picks up with our trio under going what looks like questioning in a newsreel type format about their relationships to each other, and then we are told that this episode will be broad-casted from jail. Rahzel and Alzeid are walking through a strange town looking for Baroqueheat when a young boy runs into Rahzel, he tells her he’s fleeing the police but Alzeid and Rahzel aren’t interested until he tells them he needs to get revenge for his father’s death before he’s killed. In jail the kid tells them that his father was executed in jail for some small offence, and the warden wouldn’t even give the kid the reason why, basically he doesn’t even care. A while later Baroqueheat ends up with them in jail because he got into a fight and got arrested too, but I really don’t think he could be caught unless he wanted to be. He tells them that the prison makes a lot of money by accepting prisoners from all over but if they don’t make room for more, pretty soon it would fill up and they couldn’t make more money so they kill the prisoners to make room. After hearing the kids story Alzeid asks him if he’ll accept his help, and the kid says yes, so very quickly Alzeid and the others escape the jail cell.



     They make their way through many traps and obstacles and end up inside a large, dark, and stinky chamber that turns out the be where they keep the bodies of the murdered/executed prisoners. Then they are told by the warden that the prisoners fight each other and only the last one standing get to leave, but he’ll make them fight all the other prisoner combined, Alzeid thinks it’s a waste of time, Baroqueheat thinks it will be fun, and Rahzel just thinks it will be interesting. The three of them overpower everyone else pretty quickly, after that the warden tells them that if they kill the kid he’ll let them go, all three of them refuse and they decide to teach him a lesson instead. Rahzel uses her magic to bring the warden out of his perch and down to the floor, the boy tells the warden that he going to kill him even though Baroqueheat and Alzeid are surrounded by the warden’s men, the boy’s very nervous so Rahzel forces him into a situation where he’ll have to kill the warden at close range, and tells him if he kills the warden his men will kill her friends and then she’ll have to kill him for causing her friends death, and then she be quickly killed after that. She teaches him a lesson about the cyclic nature of killing and revenge, he chooses not to kill, but the warden decides to try and kill the kid anyway, so Baroqueheat and Alzeid who were watching the whole situation quickly overpower the warden’s men and decide to inflict a lot of physical punishment on the warden and basically destroy the prison. Later Rahzel tries to convince Alzeid not to waste his time or life going after his own vengeance,  but he tells her to mind her own business, but not in a mean way. That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



     This episode continues with theme of an ongoing adventure, the group seems to be moving from adventure to adventure. Rahzel continues to be upbeat and spunky, Alzeid continues to be dour and downcast, and Baroqueheat continues to be in search for a good time and some action. Rahzel tries to convince Alzeid to give up his quest for revenge, and Alzeid tries to tell Rahzel that she’s never been betrayed or seen the need for revenge so she should mind her own business. What I find really funny is that every time Rahzel talks about passion and so forth, Baroqueheat knows that she’s very young and has probably never been in love or had a lover so he teases her by telling her things like “I’ll set your body on fire, or I’ll set you a blaze”, very cute. Well I guess Rahzel can afford to be a little naive when she’s traveling with two guys that single handily demolish a prison by themselves.