This episode begins with Rahzel thinking back to the question Alzeid asked her about being betrayed and how she had to answer no, just then she finds a lost boy at a town fair, so she takes it on herself to have her and the crew look after him until they find his parents. After returning the boy to his mother, she treats Rahzel and Alzeid to the circus performance where they find Baroqueheat in the lead clown role, later he tells her that he did juggling and so forth a few years ago. Later the female circus magician uses the boy for her disappearing sword illusion, the only problem is that after the show the boy really disappears, and no one can find him. Later Rahzel tells the guys she was happy that they were out just having a good time together, and then she sneaks out of their room because she felt something suspicious about the circus. At the circus she gets attacked by a clown and defeats him, after that she confronts the magical who shows her where the  missing child is, the woman is building a “child” out of parts of kidnapped children. The woman has the circus clowns attack Rahzel, using her magic Rahzel defeats them but they begin to keep getting up like her magic has no effect on them.



     At the last minute, Alzeid and Baroqueheat show up to help her, and they chew her out for taking independent action. After fighting the clowns for a while they discover that their not human but just dolls being controlled by someone else. The group thinks it is the circus magician woman but she tells them it’s not her but her “child” and she orders her child to protect her mother. The “child” tries to force the three to attack each other, but at the last minute it stops trying to force them to attack each other. The “child” then kills her mother with her own hands, Alzeid tells Rahzel that the “child” just followed the literal orders of her mother. After the woman is dead Alzeid takes his gun out and walks towards the “child” while Baroqueheat covers Rahzel’s eyes and ears, telling her she doesn’t have to watch if she doesn’t want to. She breaks free from Baroqueheat and runs towards the child saying she doesn’t know what to think or what the right answer is, and all she can see the “child” as, is a crying child, but before she gets there Alzeid kills the “child”. Rahzel is depressed for along time until Alzeid and Baroqueheat finally convince her to get up so the can go outside and play. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     Well this episode continues with the one adventure per episode format, so far all of Hatenkou Yuugi has been pretty light adventure viewing, all of the resolutions until this episode have been neat and clean. In the first episode they convince the ghost to move on, and in the next episode they take down the corrupt prison and warden, but the end of this episode is not neat and clean. The poor little boy that Rahzel returned to his mother was killed and his body parts used for the “child”, so there is no bringing him back, and as Baroqueheat and Alzeid tell Rahzel that “child” is a monster and never should have been born. I think that Rahzel understands that the “child” was too dangerous to leave alive, but this was the first time Rahzel has faced a situation where there was no good answer. Also, I feel that this is probably the first time that Rahzel has seen someone killed right in front of her. Oh, by the way my title come from a recent UK medical study that found that children don’t like/fear clowns when they are having a hospital stay (sorry Bozo).