It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged on the Minami-ke series, after finishing the first series which I really enjoyed I was slightly disappointed that it looked like no group was going to pick up the second series. Well, I originally watched the first two episodes of Okawari raw and I was going to review the animation quality and so forth but my Japanese language skills weren’t good enough to actually give a proper review of the content, being able to order food and ask for directions in a foreign language is one thing but it’s quite another thing to accurately review the full content of a show, but to my surprise and my pleasure a couple of groups picked up the series, so here’s my review of Minami-ke: Okawari 1.


     This episode begins with the Minami sisters and Takeru sitting around acting very bored, and it’s just after the New Year, a while later Makoto and Touma show up but in normal clothes and Kana won’t let them in until Makoto become Mako-chan, so a while later they show up with him dressed as a girl again. Then while they are all sitting around Haruka comes out of her room dressed in a cat suit, she didn’t know that guests had arrived, so she was very embarrassed.



     Later Chiaki get nervous about a misplaced notebook, and then everyone eats a meal together. Just as Kana and Chiaki are about to fight out of boredom Takeru returns from a store, the girls want to go on a trip, so they head off in his van for a trip to a onsen (hot spring). At the hot spring Touma and Mako-chan wonder about what side of the bath to use and Takeru asks Fujioka what’s his relationship with Kana. Then the 5? girls head out for a walk to a find a spring and they end up finding a waterfall instead, upon returning to the onsen Mako-chan doesn’t want Touma to leave him alone because she/he can’t use the women’s side without being busted. Later Makoto decides to use the men’s side and Touma the girl’s side and Fujioka walks in on Mako-chan and he gets confused thinking he entered the girl’s side, so he then walks in on Touma, while Fujioka’s waiting Touma to check if the other side is clear she tells Makoto to act like a random guy in the guy’s bath, but before that happens Fujioka opens the door to the girls side thinking that it might be coed just as a naked Kana is leaving, he sees her naked and she turns around and goes back to the onsen confused about want she thinks of feels, Fujioka is left wondering how this happened to him, well he finally got a look but I don’t think he wanted it to happen that way. Well that’s all for this episode below are some screen shots.




     irst of all I have to say that there is definitely a difference between the first anime series and the new series, I think that the first series had better animation quality and better backgrounds. But I feel that the funny vibe I liked so much in the first series can still be found in the second series. The second series is not a new retelling of Minami-ke but a continuation of the original story. In the original series the first several episodes featured the relationship between the three sisters before introducing additional characters to the mix, but in the first episode of this series several of the supporting characters were present right away. One difference is that in this episode you saw more of Takeru that did in the entire last series. 

     One thing that I did notice is that this episode had more fan service than the entire last series did but that might just be because this episode featured a onsen visit but who can argue against more Haruka and Kana fan service. Oh, by the way what the hell is the deal with that ending animation with Kana doing that weird but shaking walk?  Again I’d like to apologise about the blogging delay I’ve been following with great interest certain events occurring on the Internet over the past week or so, all I can say about this is that their cause is righteous and just, rock on.