This episode starts off in the dream world where the junk doll/robot is with the young girl, they are standing together in a golden field witnessing the birth of lights. The girl asks the doll many questions about the world it came from, things like if was a nicer better place than here, and the girl asks the robot if it choose to be born here and the doll replies by taking her hand. 



     Then at school Tomoya seems to have gotten enough people to join the drama club do they can petition the student counsel for full status, and they go to Kumura-sensei to see if he’ll be the advisor but he already been asked to be the advisor for the choir club. Nagisa goes to the choir club to ask if he can be their advisor and things seem to go alright but one of the other members seems to be against it. Later Tomoya is at Youhei’s place when he has to take a phone call from Youhei’s younger sister, he plays a prank on her pretending to be Youhei, she informs him she’ll be visiting him soon. During a break at school Youhei and Tomoya find Nagisa reading a note telling her to give up on the club, Youhei conducts a investigation and finds out that one of the choir club’s members sent the note. Later Nagisa and the girl meet outside and she tells Nagisa about how they need to get the choir going in order to help her friend, Youhei gets angry and tells Nagisa to to listen to sad stories, but its too late.



     Nagisa tells the other girl that she’ll give up on the drama club making Youhei very angry. Later Tomoya tells Nagisa that Youhei is angry because he had to give up soccer because of a conflict with a upperclassman so he didn’t like Nagisa having the sympathy card pulled on her. Then Nagisa thanks Tomoya for his help in trying to reestablish the club, but she’s not sad because made many friends and had a good time, she starts to cry and Tomoya comforts her. Tomoya and Youhei go to the library and drink some coffee with a girl named Yukine who reads Youhei’s fortune giving him an idea. Then Tomoya and Fuko come to the aid of Tomoyo who’s getting bugged about joining a sports club. Later Tomoyo thanks Tomoya and tells him that he can be reliable at times and a nice guy, he tells her no problem. Youhei comes up with the idea to play a basketball match against the school’s club to prove a point to the choir club, Tomoya is against this but Youhei keeps pestering him. He tells Nagisa that Youhei  is really gay and that he just misses being around him, but Tomoya tells her he can’t love men leading to a funny scene where Nagisa tries to defend Tomoya from Youhei by telling him that Tomoya’s her boyfriend. Youhei runs off in a fit of depression just as his sister Mei shows up to meet him. Well that’s all for this episode below are some screen shots.




     Well episode 15 seems to be redirecting Clannad’s focus back towards Nagisa or at least I hope so, I know that Tomoyo’s cute but I don’t feel that there’s enough time left to do any more arcs featuring other girls. If the anime is in anyways going to try and do any justice to how the visual novel handled Tomoya’s and Nagisa’s full story there is no spare time left to mess around. I can tell by now that Nagisa and Tomoya are meant for each other and they are tied together by the red string of fate, it’s quite obvious that Tomoya is the junk doll and that Nagisa is somehow related in some way to the girl in the dream world. I found the whole skit about Tomoya telling Nagisa that Youhei’s gay to be very funny, it actually got Nagisa to tell Youhei that she’s Tomoya’s girlfriend.

     One part I totally agree with is when Kyou yells at Nagisa for being too nice, and at the rate she’s going she’ll never get her own happiness, Candy from the Candy Candy anime  (1976) gets told this same fact by one of her teachers at the beginning of the series, she ignores this advice and has to experience a lot of unhappiness before being rewarded at the end of the series. Also Kyou’s comments to Nagisa about being too nice made me recall some real life comments some Japanese girls made in reference to shoujo anime characters, they stated that it would be nice to be able to be like the shoujo anime girls but it’s impossible, no girl in real life can be that kind and perfect.