This episode picks up with Nagisa and Tomoya showing Youhei’s sister Mei back to his room, she is shocked by it’s messy condition. She proceeds to properly clean his room when she walks in on Nagisa and Tomoya talking about Youhei’s love for Tomoya, Mia is again shocked by her brothers behavior. When Youhei finally gets home Tomoya clears up the whole gay prank he pulled on Nagisa and Mei, after a while Nagisa offers to let Mei stay at her house for a while, at her house Mei meets Nagisa’s parents and they seem to get along well. The next day at school Tomoya and Youhei recruit Kyou to play in the 3 on 3 basketball match. During lunch Tomoyo joins Tomoya and Youhei for lunch and she gets on Tomoya’s case about being late for school, just then Kyou barges in and complains to her about being in someone else’s classroom and Tomoyo asks Kyou if she interested in Tomoya, this draws a reaction out of proportion to the question.



     Kyou drags Tomoya away to eat lunch with her and Ryou, during lunch Kyou thinks it’s interesting that he’s not dating anyone, Ryou acts embarrassed and shy when Tomoya looks at her. After school Tomoya attempts to practice at basketball but his bum shoulder causes him to shoot poorly.


     The next day the basketball match takes place, and Kyou is fired up because of comments made to her by others. They will play a 3 on 3 match against the rookie members of the basketball club. For the first 15 minutes of the game the theater club gets the best of the rookies, and with five minutes left in the game the basketball club switches the rookies with the starters, Tomoya hopes that their 11 point lead is enough to hold up. For the next five minutes the basketball club dominates the theater club eventually taking a one point lead, with almost no time left on the clock Tomoya is about to give up as he is falling to the ground holding the basketball, Nagisa shouts at him telling him to shoot, and at the last moment he shoots the ball and it scores as time expires giving them a one point win. Later Youhei, Nagisa, and Tomoya see Mei off at the train station because she has to return home. That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



     Well, I found episode 16 to be a great change of pace from episode 15, to me episode 15 kind of dragged along without much direction and was very slow paced. While episode 15 had it’s funny moments such as the Youhei is gay joke that he tells Nagisa, overall I couldn’t find much direction in the episode. This episode while still not having much direction was very fun to watch, after the emotional roller coaster rides in the Fuko and Kotomi arcs I think that the producers felt that the viewers needed a break. This episode had a very light hearted and playful feel to it. As the series has progressed my opinion of Youhei has really improved, while he can be dense at times like when he thought Tomoyo was a boy for several episodes, he also is quite caring and loyal to those he considers his friends, he showed a lot of emotion in trying to help Fuko and he’ll almost go to any lengths to help Nagisa.

     The only problem I have with this episode is Tomoya’s wishy washy attitude towards Nagisa especially when he discusses her with others, to me and probably many other viewers Tomoya and Nagisa are a couple in everything but name, even towards the end of episode 15 Nagisa told Youhei that Tomoya was her boyfriend and I felt that she meant it, if she had been joking around she wouldn’t have blushed after saying it. Tomoya might not want to admit how close he’s become to Nagisa but their no denying it, Fuko saw this and made several comments telling them so, when Tomoya has emotional problems he’s drawn to Nagisa’s house and he’s told Nagisa things that he’s probably never told anyone else.

     While Tomoyo, Kyou, and Ryou all inquire about Tomoya’s dating status I think it’s a red herring they’ve have to be able to spot the chemistry between Tomoya and Nagisa, most of us members of the male species know that the female persuasion have a much better emotional radar than we do. The whole basketball match was very fun especially seeing Kyou’s all female fan club, while her personality type might make for a interesting girlfriend (she’d give you hell when angry, but she’d also give you hell in more ways than one when she’s happy). While some guys say that girls are drawn to dangerous type guys, guys also like crazy chicks like Sean Young. Maybe I don’t know Japanese culture or I’ll just chalk it up to anime but how the hell is Tomoya, Youhei, and Kyou’s victory in the basketball game supposed to change the mind of the other club, in my old school everyone would have probably have said so what, and made fun out of the basketball club for losing to amateurs.