This episode begins with the three girls running late for class, as their about to leave the dorm they see Miss Sloan arguing with some men trying to deliver luggage to the dorm, and they assume that a new girl is about to move into the dorm. At class all the girls are gossiping like crazy about who the new girl will be, they assume because of all the luggage that she very rich, and will be like a queen.  A short while later the professor introduces the new girl Leonora Fenton to the class, she’s one year older than the other girls because she’s took a year off from school, and like Judy she’s a writer who’s had stuff published in the school’s paper. At first Judy and Leonora don’t hit it off well, she offers Judy criticism and advice about her writing, but Judy takes it wrong when Leonora tells Judy that if she doesn’t change she won’t improve.



     Julia tells Judy that it was inexcusable for someone to say things like that, but the problem is that Judy tells them even she doesn’t think her poems are really that good. To make matters worse the girls find out that Leonora will be rooming with them, they meet her father, and find out that she doesn’t want to be treated any differently than anyone else. Later in the day Judy and the girls go to the library to look up some information on Leonora and Judy finds a old poem of hers and she reads it to them and Judy has to admit that it’s written at a much higher standard then her writing. That night Leonora tells Sallie that she wasn’t trying to say bad things about Judy’s writing she was just offering criticism one poet to another poet, when Sallie tells Judy this she is happy that Leonora considers her a fellow poet. The next day Judy and Leonora have a talk by the basketball court about writing and Leonora tells Judy she doesn’t have much time but Judy tells her she has a lot of time, a while later Leonora and Judy join the other girls playing basketball, Leonora displays tremendous talent while on the court but a short while later she collapses on the court. That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



     Well, in this episode Judy was in for a big shock, for the first time someone other than the professor has criticized her writing. For the most part everyone has praised Judy’s writing skills but this time Leonora reviews her work in depth pointing out all her weaknesses, she tries to tell Judy that this is only to help her improve, but once you think your great it’s hard to be told you really not that good. After Judy read some of Leonora’s work she realizes that Leonora is a much better writer than her. Leonora really sees right into Judy heart by telling her writing dwells too much in personal loneliness, and all her heroines will be miserable heroines, and that Judy’s writing doesn’t show whats really in her heart. That hits Judy really hard because she really is hiding from the truth about herself, she hasn’t yet come to terms with who she really is, is she Judy the prestigious school girl or is she Judy the poor orphan girl, or is she a hybrid of the two, or is she able to transcend the past completely? Up until now almost all of Judy’s stories has been tragedies about poor suffering girls, the one exception was her winter poem, for the most part Judy’s stories would fit in perfectly on the lifetime channel.