This episode begins the day after the basketball match with the choir club agreeing to share their advisor with the theater club, but the student counsel rejects the proposal, after Nagisa tells them the bad news she collapses. Tomoya, Kotomi, Kyou and Ryou take Nagisa home where her parents thank them and tell them that she’ll be absent from school for a while. The next morning Tomoya is surprised when Tomoyo comes to his house to wake him for school, and then they “gently” wake Youhei up for school too. At school Kyou demands that Tomoya join her for lunch again, while eating lunch Kyou not to subtly tries to force Tomoya and Ryou closer to one another. After lunch Kyou tells Tomoya that Ryou will bring bento tomorrow, when Tomoya goes back to class Kyou tells Ryou to follow him but she feels uncomfortable feeling sorry for Nagisa, and Kyou tells her to go for it since their not dating and make a move before Tomoyo steals him for herself.



     After school Youhei asks Tomoya if he’s really not dating Nagisa and he tells him that he doesn’t intent to have a girlfriend, just then Tomoyo walks up and asks him why not? He tells her that considering is family situation and his poor habits he’s not that kind of guy. Later Tomoyo tells Tomoya that she has a lot of friends now but she has fun hanging with him too so she’ll keep coming around. The next day at lunch Kyou tells Tomoya that Ryou worked really hard on making the bento, but before they can eat it Botan grabs a piece of it and collapses after tasting it. Later Ryou apologises for the food but Tomoya says the spring rolls tasted good, making her feel better. Later he goes to the library where Yukine has him perform a charm and then she tells him it will cause him to be locked in a room with a girl, at first he thinks of Nagisa but she’s sick, so he then thinks of Kyou. Later on Kyou asks him to help her put some stuff away and they get locked in the equipment shed where she get nervous about him trying something, but she says she would understand it because he’s a guy and guys interested in such things (you bet your life guys are thinking about it).


      Before long Kyou really thinks that their about to have sex and she gets nervous saying it’s her first time and Tomoya tells her he’ll take care of everything, he begins to strip down to break the curse but she thinks he’s getting ready to have sex with her, finally the doors are unlocked by someone from the outside. On his way home from school Tomoyo joins him and as their walking out about 10-20 guys are waiting to fight her, Tomoya tells her that she can’t fight and risk her student counsel election campaign, Youhei joins them and is about to fight too but she kicks him out of the way and takes on them herself, but before long some teachers show up and Tomoya takes the blame for the fight and gets suspended from school. Well that’s all for now, below are some screen shots.



     Well nothing seems to ever go right for poor Nagisa, after getting enough members for her club, and going though all the distractions up until this point, she can’t seem to buy a win. But the real point to this episode is about Tomoya’s feelings for Nagisa, even if he tells everyone that he and Nagisa aren’t a couple they really are a couple, when Yukine has him do the charm the first girl he thinks of is Nagisa, when he takes the blame for the fight he is thinking of Nagisa, and when he’s alone in the club room all he can think of is Nagisa. In this episode Kyou plays a large role, she tries as best as she can to set her sister up with Tomoya, while Ryou can see Tomoya’s attraction to Nagisa, Kyou actually takes his word that he’s not dating her.

     But what was really funny was the incident in the equipment shed, when she actually thought that Tomoya wanted to have sex with her she went from being all brash and self-assured to being quit shy and self-conscious, hell, she’d  probably would have given it up. As the series goes on I’m becoming more of a fan of Youhei, for all his faults he’s really a stand up guy, when someone he considers a friend is in trouble he’ll do anything to help them out, if only all the girls fluttering around Tomoya would notice his loyal qualities he might finally get more action in real life and be able to put away the girly books.