Episode 4 begins with Rahzel becoming separated from her crew, lost in a rain storm, she sees a lone house and asks for shelter from the storm, the door is slammed in her face, but another woman quickly lets her in. The older woman is mad at her younger sister for letting Rahzel in after she already said no. As Rahzel is shown to a den with a fireplace she sees that her friends are already there, and she gets angry about them being there already. Later the older sister “asks”, no demands Rahzel help in locating a lost treasure located in a cave in exchange for her letting them stay at the house, later that night Rahzel wakes the woman for the treasure hunt. Later the two guys join them, and Rahzel takes a fun attitude towards the whole thing while exploring the cave for treasure. While on the adventure, Rahzel and the woman have a extreme dislike for one another, with Rahzel trying to goad the woman into being kinder and to have more self-worth. During the treasure hunt Rahzel’s actions causes the woman to regain her self-confidence and her self-worth, when they finally find the treasure, it turns out to be a fossil that reflects sunlight giving the woman the will to move forward into the future and to try and make a better life for herself. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screenshots.



     Well, after taking several days off from anime viewing due to excess work and personal commitments I should have picked a better episode to blog about. I found this episode of Hatenko Yuugi to be very boring,  at least in the previous episodes there was some fighting or some magical action, but all this episode contained was some pretty common anime tropes, “remember kids, Sailor Moon Says” have confidence in yourself, try your best and so forth and so on. The only thing I found interesting was Rahzel’s answer to a question, she was asked if her two friends were drowning and she only could save one, which one would she choose? She said neither of them, because the other would become angry over the choice, so she would join them, hoping they would try to save her and themselves along the way, talk about a different approach to a King Solomon’s type problem. Oh well, I’ll be hoping that the quality of the next several episodes picks up greatly.