February 2008

The collapse of Geneon a few months ago left many anime fans wondering about the health of the US anime industry and it’s distribution companies. After hearing the latest news about ADV Films the US anime fan can come to no other conclusion other that the state of the US anime is very poor. In the last couple of weeks ADV  has cancelled it’s Newtype USA magazine, put it’s operations in the UK and Germany on hold, terminated it’s support program for anime clubs, cancelled it’s anime film night in TX, and put almost it’s entire upcoming DVD release schedule on indefinite (at least for now) hold. ADV later released a statement about how it’s working to bring future releases out on Blu-ray, and it will work to get it’s promised series released, don’t hold your breath. While I’ve been working on a long post about the future of the US anime industry I feel that the entire domestic anime industry is on very shaky ground. Many of us older fans have seen this coming for some time now, I’ve seen this type of shake up happened to the sport’s card industry, and the US comic industry. I’ll try and get my post about the problems the industry is having and the way forward for them published in the next two weeks. Below is a copy of the original ICv2 news story about ADV, the original story was pulled shortly thereafter, but I found a copy and it’s available for your viewing. I love anime and only hope for the best for the industry, I had planned on buying many of the pulled ADV titles.



     This episode starts off with Kana gorging on a lot of food before heading to school, and Chiaki raging on her for eating so much. Then at school Haruka and her friends talk about what they did over New Year’s break and Haruka gets involuntarily volunteered the be the replacement class representative while the current one is sick, and she also finds out that people at her school are beginning to find out about her past as a banchou. In Chiaki’s classroom the teacher brings in a hamster for the kids to care for, and Chiaki compares the proper raising of a animal to Kana’s home behavior, very funny. Later that evening, at home Chiaki tells the other sisters about her being in charge of the hamster, and later that night Kana cracks on Chiaki’s breast size, then later Chiaki and Kana overhear a mysterious phone conversation that Haruka is having with someone.



     The next day at Kana’s school the rumor of Haruka banchou return to action has arrived and Hiroko and Yuu ask Kana if it’s true and Kana equates the phone call  to banchou activity. Hiroko suggests to Kana that they start a banchou federation (LMAO), and the girls recruit Fujioka the be Haruka’s right hand man. Later they get Fujioka to try and repeat some of Haruka’s banchou feats but it doesn’t work, so Hiroko suggests that Kana take over as the school’s banchou. Then at Haruka’s school Hosaka finds out about Haruka’s banchou status and says he’ll become her follower, and he gets all creepy in the process. That night Kana asks Chiaki if she’ll become a banchou in her school to support the return of Haruka as a banchou, Chiaki tells Kana that theirs no way Haruka could be a banchou. The next day Kana begins her recruitment process for her banchou brigade, she uses a armwresteling contest to get members. At Chiaki’s school she thinks about recruiting members, but she concludes that everyone she could recruit at her school would be too weak or too dumb. That night Kana tells Haruka about her banchou brigade in support of her return as a banchou but Haruka tells her it won’t happen and that the phone call was about the class representative position which she won’t be filing. That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



     Well after watching the second episode of the new series I find that there are several good changes and several changes that leave me scratching my head. First for the things I like about the new series, in my opinion Haruka and Kana are drawn in a more attractive way, and I don’t mind the extra fan service in the second series. Oh by the way Kana is quite cute when she’s not sporting her twin tails, and in my opinion she drawn in a more “developed” way. Also I think that Haruka is drawn in a softer more girly way, or I’m I wrong about this?

     Now to the bad, is it just me or is Chiaki more violent and mean spirited then in the first series? The animation style for this series can take some getting used to, the main characters are the only people draw with any detail if you look at some of my screen shots you’ll see that all the other characters features are blacked out. Overall I find this series to be almost up to the level of the first series, and if your a fan service fan you might think this series is even better.


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