This episode begins with the current main villain, Pissard getting chewed out by the evil dark lord for not gathering energy quickly enough, the dark lord threatens Pissard’s life. Nagisa also reflects on the previous combat and her unrequited crush on the high school boy Fujimura-sempai who is also called Fuji-pi. In class Nagisa and a friend are caught talking in class by the teacher, and she is given the assignment of organizing the class’s field trip as punishment, but at the last minute the teacher also tells Honoka to help her. After school Nagisa goes to Honoka’s house to work on a flier for the field trip, at her house she meets Honoka’s dog and sees Honoka’s room, which is at least twice as large as her room. Honoka asks Mipple and Mepple why they look like stuffed animals sometimes and are in cellphone form at other times, and they tell her that the animal form is their true form in the garden of light, but they must stay in cellphone form most of the time when outside of their home world. They also learn that the garden of light was protected by the seven prism stones which hold the power of creation inside of them. The garden of light was attacked by the dark zone and five of the seven stones were stolen, so the queen entrusted the last two stones to Mipple and Mepple and had them flee to the garden of rainbows (Earth) when they were to find the legendary Pretty Cure who’s mission is to defend them, if the dark zone gets all seven stones the entire universe will me consumed by darkness.



     The next day at school Pissard has taken on a disguise as a student teacher in order to locate the two girls, and at the welcoming ceremony he spots Nagisa in the student formation. Most of the female students and even some of the female teachers are smitten by his good looks but he really doesn’t know how to properly behave around people. A while later, he puts a spell on Nagisa’s teacher and orders her to send Nagisa to him, when she brings Nagisa to him he tells her to give up the stones or he’ll kill the teacher. Just in time, Honoka shows up, and they transform into Pretty Cure and fight him, he summons the dark power and transforms the gym equipment into the “monster of the day” to attack the girls. After a hard fight the girls blast the monster and Pissard away, and in the end the teacher wakes up not remembering anything and thinking that Nagisa and Honoka were trying to skip class. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     Well as episode three of Pretty Cure comes to a close, us the viewers, Nagisa and Honoka get a little more background information about Mipple and Mepple and why they are on Earth (the garden of rainbows). It’s pretty typical magic girl fare, a war is raging between the kingdoms of light and darkness and of course the fighting is now taking place in the middle (Earth), and the fate of everything now rests with a couple of pure, kindhearted, and of course, very cute girls. As with any good shoujo series we continue to see more character development occurring for the main player including more info about the supporting players. In this episode we see that Nagisa continues to pine for her unrequited crush and she continues to be ambivalent about her new found powers, and we also see that Honoka really doesn’t have many close friends and she seems to accept her new found power more readily than Nagisa.

      Some might argue that this series is closer to being a shonen series than a shoujo series because of it’s physical combat and that the series director is the same director of the DBZ series, but they would be dead wrong. In a shonen series like DBZ, Bleach, and many other it may look like the heroes fight and train as a team but that’s not really true, most training and fighting is a one on one affair, the main characters gain strength by getting their asses kicked, and fighting one on one. In a shoujo series, the main characters are almost always stronger when fighting as a team, they draw strength from the strength of their personal relationships and their connections with each other. In a shonen series 1+1=2, but in a shoujo series 1+1=3 or more.

     What I really find funny about these types of series is that evil will never win, not because the good guys will surely beat them, but because the evil lord/boss keeps threatening/killing his underlings. Instead of sending the top guy to get beaten by the good guys over and over, how about sending five guys to get the job done. But overall I think that this is a very good magic girl series comparable with Sailor Moon or Akazukin Chacha.