This episode picks up right after Leonora’s collapse on the basketball court, Judy finds out from the nurses that Leonora has a heart condition and that’s why she missed a year of school. Judy also discovers that Leonora’s mother passed away years ago and her father is her only family, but her father is very hard to get a hold of because of his work.


     When Leonora wakes up, Judy finds out that her father is very busy trying to keep a shipyard in business, and he spends most of his time at work. Later Judy calls her father and tells him that Leonora misses him very much and she would probably enjoy a visit, he says he too busy right now, so Judy has him commit to attending a poetry reading that Leonora will be taking part in before the Christmas holidays.


     As Leonora get healthier Judy and Leonora have a discussion about each others poetry, Judy asks Leonora about her “jump” poem, and Leonora explains that she wrote that when she was on one years bed rest inside a hospital, she wrote that poem to escape the loneliness and pain of not being able to be active. Then Leonora asks Judy about her winter poem that was published in the school’s magazine last year, she correctly guesses that Judy doesn’t have a family and is a orphan, and she also guesses that Judy hasn’t told anyone about it. Judy tells her that’s why she’s the way she is, she could only count on herself and nobody else. After a few days Leonora is released from the infirmary back to the dorm room where she and the other girls soon become pretty good friends, Leonora is also looking forward to her father’s upcoming visit. A few weeks later the poetry reading arrives, as the reading begins Judy, Leonora, and the rest of the girls realize that Leonora’s father is going to be a no-show, and Judy leaves the room to look for him. Later Judy calls the shipyard asking him why he isn’t there and he tells her there’s been an accident and he can’t come to the reading and then he hangs up on her. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.


     Well, in this episode Judy and Leonora become very good friends, they truly come to understand each other, after the talk Judy and Leonora have in the infirmary Judy comes to understand the full meaning of Leonora’s “jump” poem. For the first time since coming to the school Judy admits to someone the truth about her orphanage background, and her leading a secret life. Judy finally figures out that Leonora’s comments about her poetry and storytelling are spot on, because Judy is a orphan and has no family all her stories center around a sad and lonely heroine involved in tragic tales.

     Judy tells Leonora that because she always relied upon herself her writing is that way, so that’s why all her stories are about lonely girls, and Judy takes offense when Leonora say they are the same. To Leonora’s thinking she is the same as Judy, her father is very busy, even when Leonora is very sick he seldom visits her, so she considers herself alone. But to Judy’s point of view Leonora’s is far from alone, even though Leonora’s father seldom visits her she is far from alone, Judy has no parents, she would probably be overjoyed to even have a absent parent. But mainly this episode shows us the viewer the hidden meanings inside a authors writing and their thinking, we may truly enjoy their works, but without knowing what their inner thoughts we may truly never know the full meanings of their work.