This episode begins with Tomoyo waking up Tomoya in the morning even though he is suspended from school, she apologizes to him for the trouble and tells him that she should go to the school’s office and tell them the truth, he tells her no way, she must become the student counsel president. She makes breakfast for them and Tomoya’s father walks in and she invites him to join them, he agrees and as he is sitting down Tomoya gets up and leaves the table. At school everyone is worried about the current situation, Nagisa’s ill, and Tomoya’s suspended, so Kyou and Ryou stop by Youhei’s room to visit Tomoya, and Kyou continues to try and get a hook up between her sister Ryou, and Tomoya. A fortune telling game indicates that Tomoya and Ryou are just good friends, upon hearing this fortune Kyou leaves Ryou in Tomoya’s hands, they talk and Tomoya asks her if it bothers her that her predictions aren’t right, she says no, if her predictions were true it would be like there’s only one future, but being wrong means that there’s many possible futures.



      On Sunday Tomoyo comes over and cooks for Tomoya, and then Kyou, Ryou, and Kotomi all show up bringing food for him, a girl brawl almost happens over who’s food he’ll eat, he calls upon Fuko for help but she brings food too making the situation no better, and basically Kyou blames the whole mess on him for not being able to choose. Once back at school Tomoya has to deal with Tomoyo’s election problems, so he sets up another match, this time with the baseball team, if they lose Tomoyo must join the girls club, they win the match and Tomoya challenges all the other clubs and they keep winning the contests, so this builds up Tomoyo’s status among the other students.


     Later Tomoyo and Tomoya talk about her goal of becoming president and she tells him the reasons why she went wild and what made her want to change her ways, and why she changed, because of her family coming together. The next day Nagisa is back at school and she agrees to help Tomoyo at her next match, a tennis game, during the match Kyou, Ryou, and Tomoyo see how close and comfortable Tomoya and Nagisa are with each other and realize that Tomoya only has eyes for Nagisa, this breaks Ryou’s heart and both sisters end up in tears about Ryou’s loss in the love match. The episode ends with Tomoyo wining the tennis match and maybe the election. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots. 


Nagisa and Tomoya back together at the tennis match, and Kyou and Ryou reaction after figuring it out.



     It’s been a while since I’ve watched a episode of Clannad or blogged about Clannad, this was due in part to a increase in my work hours and in part to the fact that I think the show got a little slow on plot progression in my opinion. But, after watching episode 18, I feel that Clannad has regained all the mojo I loved so much about the series. In a nutshell this series has always been about Tomoya’s and Nagisa’s growing relationship with each other, all the other characters’ story lines have served in one way or another to show how Nagisa and Tomoya are meant for each other. The guts of this episode was about Tomoya’s mission to get Tomoyo elected to the student counsel presidency, he first took the suspension to keep her drive alive, and then he works on raising her popularity. We also find out the reason for Tomoyo’s transfer to her current school and the reason for her wanting to be president, her reasons are as touching and personal as any in the series.

     Many of the ongoing plot lines of Clannad are brought to a close in the final three minutes of this episode, to Kyou’s and Ryou’s sadness, and to Tomoyo’s understanding, they see that Nagisa and Tomoya are a couple, it’s so obvious that no one can deny the truth. When Tomoya and Nagisa are together they have such a comfort level with each other that they draw out a gentleness and a warm glow that by themselves neither possess, the most telling example is when Nagisa is injured by the errant tennis shot and the guy goes to help her and Tomoya basically slaps his hand away and takes charge of her aid, earlier Kyou was mad at Tomoya for not choosing, but Tomoya made his choice at that moment, actions speak louder that words.

     Also, one of the compelling moments of this episode was the conversation between Tomoya and Ryou about her fortune telling, Ryou isn’t disappointed about her lack of accuracy, it’s a classic debate, predestination vs. free will, if she is always right there is only one future, but if she is wrong there are many possible futures. This position represents the eternal optimism of youth, the future is not set, limitless potential stretches before the young. But one thing that really endears me to this series is that there are no bad people here, Tomoya and Youhei are nice guys, a little lonely but basically good, and all the girls are sweet and slightly insecure about themselves, no idiots or fools here. Overall, I find Clannad to be a kind, sweet, gentle, and touching series about the connections between people with just a slight bittersweet taste to it, storytelling at it finest, bravo.