The episode begins with the newly elected school president, Tomoyo overseeing a vote granting permission to reinstate the theater club to active status, then a small celebration of Nagisa’s victory takes place. The new goal is for the theater club to be able to participate in the upcoming school festive taking place before summer break. Later that day, Tomoya is informed that his teacher will be coming home with him to speak to his father about his future, Tomoya tries to flee the school before this happens because of his home situation, but Nagisa drags him back to the teacher’s office, the teacher laughs about Tomoya being tamed by a girl.


     Once they arrive at his house his dad’s not home but the teacher says he’ll wait and Tomoya runs away again only to be retrieved again by Nagisa, back at home he overhears his teacher and his dad talking, his father expresses no opinion about his future. Later, he tells Nagisa that ever since their fight Tomoya feels that his father doesn’t consider him his son any longer. After hearing this, Nagisa tells Tomoya that he should stay at her house for awhile so that father and son can think about their relationship and that the distance might make them remember a time when they once loved each other, but Tomoya thinks that he might never return home. At Nagisa’s house Tomoya gets a rough reaction from Nagisa’s father, he acts like he hasn’t told about this by Nagisa yet, but her mother welcomes him warmly having just been told of the situation. Nagisa’s family treats him well and like a part of the family but Tomoya tells Nagisa that he is uncomfortable in the situation and she also tells him that she feels a little uncomfortable too.


     That day at school the theater club get instruction on what jobs must be done to put on a play and they also go over the leftover theater equipment. Once Nagisa and Tomoya arrive home, Tomoya finds out that Nagisa’s mother is a cram school teacher for little kids, and he finds out from Nagisa’s father that she was once a middle school teacher. Later Nagisa and Tomoya talk and Tomoya tells her that he stills feels uncomfortable because he’s not used to a family that gets along like hers, and she admits to him that she feels that she did something bad to her parents long ago that she need to apologise for, but she can’t find out what it is from her parents, they say she has nothing to apologise for but she feels that they are hiding something from her.


     He goes to visit Youhei and when he finds out that he’s living there he gets kind of jealous, saying that Nagisa’s parents approve of it, and Tomoya says that he and Nagisa aren’t like that, and Youhei says that he feels sorry for Nagisa because Tomoya’s still saying that. That night, Tomoya has another dream involving the junk doll and the lone girl, in this dream the doll is trying to make other dolls, and the girl says she understands that he wants to make friends, but the doll who can’t talk is really trying to make more dolls so the lonely world will be more lively. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.


     So here it is, or it is about to happen, Clannad is about to begin it’s final arc, the arc we all knew would happen from the very first episode, Nagisa’s arc. Having not played the visual novel but knowing it’s basic storyline, I knew it would be impossible to cover the entire storyline in 24-26 episodes, I would have preferred that this anime would have ran for a single 45 episode season, or as two separate 26 episode seasons, but what can you do? So, just as Nagisa gets the theater club restarted, and the whole Tomoya making a choice question is settled, we have Tomoya moving in with Nagisa’s family and questions of her past start to resurface. While Nagisa’s family seems happy, a slight mood of melancholy hangs over the family, Nagisa’s mother always seems to be bright and cheery, but it also seems like she’s trying too hard, Nagisa’s father is always outwardly rambunctious and lively but underneath he is the rock of seriousness that anchors the family.

     Nagisa has really bloomed since the beginning of the series, at first she was so shy and reserved that she could barely speak to other people, let alone voice her opinion or tell her private feelings to others. Upon learning of Tomoya and Nagisa living together Youhei says that her parents approve and Tomoya says he and Nagisa aren’t like that, but that’s BS, even though Tomoya won’t admit it they in all other aspects a couple, and her parents do approve of him even though they don’t say it, they have to have realized that Nagisa’s blooming and emerging from her shell is due to Tomoya. Well, over the next several episodes I look forward to the Nagisa and Tomoya centered plot.