This episode picks up with Tomoya talking to Nagisa outdoors that night, after a while he asks her if she knows the storyline for the play she wants the theater club to put on, she begins telling him about a story from when she was young, and the beginning of her story is shockingly close in detail to the dreams he’s been having. The next morning we get to see another piece of Tomoya’s ongoing dream, this time we see the lone girl and the junk doll completing the doll they have been working on, when it’s finished the girl and the doll try to wake the new doll up, but it does not awaken, and the dream ends with the girl giving a tearful apology to the doll.


      That morning Tomoya tries to recall the past memory of the dream but it remains just out of reach. Later, Tomoya asks Nagisa’s father about her past memories, he says he has no idea, but he says to ask Nagisa’s mother about it, but if he finds anything out come to him before he tells Nagisa about it, that’s an order. Later at school, Tomoya goes to the library to seek advice about Nagisa’s story, but he has no luck, then Yukine gets Youhei and Tomoya to try a love seeking charm, after completing the charm the first girl that talks to you is the one who’s interested in you, Youhei has no luck, but Tomoya runs into Fuko but he stops her from talking to him than Nagisa speaks to him first.


     Back at home, Nagisa and Tomoya continue their search for a book about her dream when her father overhears her singing the dango song, and he tells them why don’t they go inside and flirt with each other like normal teenagers, Ugh. Later that night, Nagisa’s father tells Tomoya the story of Nagisa’s past but he doesn’t want him telling Nagisa or his wife that he’s telling him the story. He tells a story from the distant past when he and his wife both had achieved their dream positions when Nagisa fell ill, and not being able to find someone to care for her, they thought that if they just left her alone of a little while it would be alright, but when he returned home he found his daughter collapsed outside in the snow, she almost died from this event, and after this happened they gave up their current jobs in order to properly care for her, so they feel if she learns this information that she’ll feel guilty, thinking that she was the cause of them giving up their dreams. Tomoya tells him that he thinks that Nagisa’s strong enough for the truth, but her father says he’s waiting for the right time to tell her.


     Later the family is planning a picnic and Tomoya feels that he’ll get in the way, so he heads to Youhei’s place where Youhei tells Tomoya that he shouldn’t have ditched the picnic because it would make Nagisa unsure/uncertain of her position. Youhei convinces him that if he no shows her it will put her in a trap, confusing her about his feelings towards her, so in the end he goes back to her house to join them on the outing. Because of his late arrival they only have time to go to a local park for a game of baseball and a picnic lunch, during the game Nagisa’s dad asks his wife if watching him play makes her fall in love again and she says yes, when Tomoya’s playing, Nagisa’s dad asks her if watching Tomoya’s playing makes her fall in love with him, and without thinking she says YES, shocking her dad and Tomoya. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.


Nagisa’s feelings and her father’s reaction.


     Well, by the conclusion of episode 20, more of the loose ends of Clannad are being tied up, first we learn from Nagisa’s father about her past, and the reasons behind her parents almost overprotective nature. Then we also see Nagisa express her true feelings about Tomoya, as the storyline wraps tighter and tighter we get closer to the finish line. Nagisa expressed to Tomoya that she felt that she did something bad to her parents in the past, and we learn that these feelings are caused in part by her parents trying to shield her from the truth, as they avoid speaking to her honestly it only causes her to think she did something wrong.

      Next, we also see that Youhei being a observer to the current situation is more in touch with the real situation than Tomoya is, and in this episode he gives Tomoya some pretty sound advice. We also see that Nagisa can express her real feeling towards Tomoya, while he is unable to admit to her or himself how he feels (for Christ sakes just kiss her you fool). And lastly, I found the interplay at the baseball game between Nagisa and Tomoya to be very cute, basically they had a exchange like a old married couple, I’m off sweetheart, I’ll see you later love.