This episode begins with the theater club conducting practice for the upcoming play, and with the members dividing up the duties and responsibilities to run the show, Nagisa is continuing to work on the plays script. When Nagisa and Tomoya arrive home her father gives them a video taped stage play for them to watch, while watching the play Nagisa reveals that she’s never seen a play (ugh), and by the end of the performance she’s very touched by the play.


      After the play over, her father takes Tomoya outside and they try searching for some reference material from Nagisa’s past to help her with the play, but they end up finding nothing. The next day at school Nagisa and the rest of the clubs members seek advice from the choir club on finding the right type of music to set the play to, after choosing the music Nagisa begins to act out the play with the music, and Tomoya makes the observation that now everyone is working together for a shared goal and enjoying the pleasure of working as a group. As the days go on the theater club is practicing and preparing more and more, Nagisa puts all of her efforts into the rehearsal, and she starts to get more nervous as the festival approaches.


     When they get home, her parents dote on her, and her dad says to Tomoya that when you have a daughter you’ll be like this, he says no way, but Nagisa says that she could see it happening because he’s just like her dad, that sort of bothers him. That night, Nagisa goes to Tomoya’s room to talk, and he correctly guesses that she’s too nervous to sleep, he says go ahead and be nervous it’s natural. Nagisa again brings up the subject of her thinking that she did something bad to her parents in the past, he thinks about telling her what her dad said but instead he tells her that she’s being oversensitive and tends to place blame on herself for things, so don’t worry.



     She leaves his room thanking him for listening to her worries, she starts packing her bag for tomorrows performance, she needs a flashlight so she grabs one but the batteries give out, so she goes outside to the shed to look for some spares, and while in the shed she knocks over some boxes, the ones containing the stuff for the past that her father and mother were trying to hide from her. In the middle of the night Tomoya gets up to use the bathroom,  and before heading back to his room he discovers Nagisa in the middle of all the old photo albums and diaries, Nagisa’s father was correct in assuming that she would blame herself for her parents giving up their dreams, Nagisa is in tears after learning that her father was a actor but gave it up in order to care for her, Tomoya tells her not to worry about it and go to bed and he’ll clean up the mess. As Tomoya is cleaning up the stuff her father walks in and sees the situation, and he says what a mess this is, and there couldn’t be a worst time for her to find out. Well, That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



      Well, now the review, as far as Nagisa’s father is concerned it all goes bad in the worst possible way, for along time Nagisa has been harboring a fear that as a child she did something terrible to her parents and that they were keeping it secret from her. It seem like this fear has been at the back of her mind for a very long time, it’s been building and it’s weight on her has been increasing, every time she has asked her parents about about her past they just avoid the question, this has to be the worst thing they could have done to make their daughter more uncertain than ever.

     Tomoya had a chance to tell Nagisa what she needed to know, he knew Nagisa’s fears and he knew her parents’ fears and he could have explained the truth in a way that was both truthful and caring to all parties involved, but he instead chose to only tell her not to worry and you tend to place blame upon yourself unnecessarily, he chose her father’s path, a half truth instead of the whole truth, as far as Nagisa’s concerned it might has well been a lie.

     Nagisa is a pure girl, trusting, caring, and loving, she has shown many times in the series that she places more value in the happiness of others than in herself, but Nagisa has also shown that in some respects that she can be a little slow in some aspects, so when she saw her parents’ diaries she only really picked up on the parts that confirmed her darkest fears, that her parents had to give up their dreams because of her, she chose to ignore parts where her mother wrote that she would have never traded these times with her child for anything. In this respect Nagisa shows that she still has a child’s understanding of the situation, and this is made worse by her parents evasiveness.

      In a great deal of anime one of the most popular reoccurring themes in their plots are the famous “go for your dreams or bust plot line”, I find a lot of these stories to be very exciting and uplifting because it brings back memories of youth, when all things were possible, I could be President, a rock star, a billionaire, the sky was the limit, but there comes a point where a child’s dreams and a child’s understanding of life collides with adult decisions. Nagisa’s parents made an adult decision after they nearly lost their daughter over a lapse in judgement brought on by a selfish moment, after the near loss of their daughter they decided to place her care above their personal wishes and goals, they reached a point in their lives when they realized where their greater responsibility lay, their daughter.

     Nagisa still being a child thinks that it was a either or choice, her parents dreams or caring for her, she feels that they chose her over personal happiness and that they might/probably are unhappy now, what she doesn’t realize, and it was her parents responsibility to teach her, is that a decision like that is a false choice it’s not a zero sum game. They made an adult choice and failed to properly communicate their feelings about this to their daughter, her father could have told her something like, I love you more than anything in this world and I wouldn’t trade this life I have now for all the money or fame in the world. They should have/could have told her that as adults we have sometimes acquire greater responsibilities than following a dream, and one of those responsibilities is caring for the most important thing in our lives, our children. And as Nagisa’s father has probably realized, and the Rolling Stones put voice to in their song “You Can’t always Get What You Want

You can’t always get what you want,
But if you try sometime, yeah,
You just might find you get what you need

     Neither Nagisa’s father or mother seems to be unhappy with their current lives, while she might not be a teacher, and he might no longer be an actor, they both have a loving spouse and a loving daughter, after all sometimes the dreams of youth give way to the satisfaction of a fulfilled adult life.