This episode picks up right after the point where Judy has finished talking to Leonora’s father, with him telling her that a emergency has arisen and he won’t be attending the poetry reading. When Judy returns to the lecture hall she finds Leonora missing, so she goes searching for her. After searching around the campus, Judy follows a set of footprints into a snow covered field where she finds Leonora collapsed on the ground. Judy carries Leonora all the way back to the school’s medical center by herself, once the doctor finishes his exam of Leonora it doesn’t look good for her, if they can’t get her fever down she might die, so Judy and the girls attempt to contact her father to get him to come to the school.


     The girls being unable to contact him by phone come up with a plan to go get him by car, but those efforts fail, later they find out that she’s no longer in critical condition but must undergo surgery ASAP. When the girls finally see Leonora she’s in pretty bad shape, she keeps calling for her father in a delirium. Miss Sloan tells the girls that she managed to send a telegram to Leonora’s father, and Judy says she’ll spend the night with her. When her father gets to the school the next day Judy jumps all over him for not being there for her, but Leonora says not to blame him and that it’s her fault and that she’s tired of being a burden on everyone, so she won’t have the operation. Judy gets mad at her and tells her to tell her father how lonely and scared she really is, and to stop behaving like a spoiled brat, after this Leonora and her father come to an understanding of the situation. Later, Leonora makes a recovery and does a poetry reading for her class and her father, she then decides to have the operation, so Leonora and her father depart for another hospital in Florida for the surgery and recovery. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



     Well, with this episode the Leonora arc comes to a end, another sad girl in the snow finds happiness. While Leonora’s father thought working hard and earning a large amount of money so he could buy his daughter things would make her happy he learned that in truth Leonora was sad because she was lonely and scared. He made the only choice a parent could make, he must care for the most precious thing in the world, his daughter, and in the end this choice makes his daughter happier that all the pretty trinkets in the world. In episode 21 of Clannad, Nagisa finds out that her parents made the same decision when she was very young, but in her case she feels sad because her parents gave up everything to care for her properly.