This episode begins with Nagisa thinking about the events of the past several days while waiting to board the bus for the field trip. During the bus ride to the museum, Nagisa, Honoka, and the other girls have some normal chitchat along the way, and Nagisa learns that one of the other girls has copied her hairstyle because she thinks Nagisa is kind of cool. Back in the garden of shadows Pissard is given one more chance, get the prism stones or die.



    Later Mipple and Mepple start acting up so Nagisa and Honoka have to break away from the group so Mipple and Mepple can get all lovey dovey, and then they spot a painting that places Mipple’s and Mepple’s age at over 100 years old, they claim that the time flow between the two world is very different. As the class is loading on the bus to head home it’s noticed that a couple of people are missing, just then Pissard attacks the bus turning everyone to stone, but when he boards the bus he finds that Nagisa and Honoka are missing. Nagisa and Honoka had gone back inside to look for the others when they notice every one’s been turned to stone, Pissard spots the girl with Nagisa’s hairstyle and attacks her thinking he’s got the right girl this time.



      When the girls stumble upon Pissard he summons the dark power and has all the museum stuff come to life to attack the girls. After the girls transform they fight the creatures for awhile then Pissard summons all the statues of the former living people to attack them, the girls can’t destroy the statues because they lose any hope of changing them back, so they must avoid the statues and defeat Pissard directly. Honoka and Nagisa are fighting a losing battle, Pissard is very fast plus he keeps moving the statues in the way of the girl’s attacks. Mipple tells the girls to close their eyes and let their hearts guide their attack, so using their heart as a guide they sense the location of Pissard’s evil heart. They fire a energy blast directly into the confusion and it finds it’s way to Pissard’s evil heart, hopefully destroying him for good this time, after he’s gone everyone returns to normal and the class heads home. Well, that’s all for this episode below are some screen shots.



      Well, episode 4 of Pretty Cure was very enjoyable but what’s really amazing is how close many parts of this series could almost be considered to be copies of the Sailor Moon storyline. Firstly, Nagisa always thinks about her new situation and pines to be a normal girl. Secondly, I know that many maho shojo series use the monster of the day formula, but many of the Pretty Cure monsters could rival the craziness of the Sailor Moon monsters. Thirdly, the whole Mipple falling from the sky only to end up with Honoka thing is almost a copy of how Chibi-chibi/the light of hope falls from the sky only to be embraced by Sailor Moon/Usagi. Fourthly, how even though the girls’ eyes may confuse or even lie to them the heart is always true. These examples are just small sample of how Pretty Cure is almost a copy of the Sailor Moon formula, just change a few ingredient’s and give-um a shake and presto a very popular magic girl anime series.