This episode begins with Emily learning that Ilse’s father will be out of town for awhile, so she asks aunt Elizabeth if she can spend a few nights over, and to her surprise the agrees with the arraignment. As Emily is about to leave the house aunt Laura makes the suggestion that she should alter some of Emily’s mothers clothes for Emily to wear is makes Emily very happy, later when Ilse is at New Moon Emily shows Ilse her mother’s old room.



     When they look out the window Ilse asks Emily about a distant house, and Emily tells Ilse that’s the old summer house but nobody uses it anymore and that there’s a secret about the house, which she’ll tell Ilse about later that night. So, Emily tells Ilse a tale about a missing diamond ring, how it was lost in the summer house and how the ghost of one of it’s former owners searches for it every night. After Emily and Ilse tell the tale to the others, it is agreed that a treasure hunt is in order, so Emily, Ilse, Perry and Teddy will meet at the summer house at midnight to search for the lost diamond.



     So, at midnight the treasure hunt begins, when Emily and Ilse get to the house Perry gives the girls a scare from behind the front door, and it looks like Teddy can’t make it so they begin searching the house, Emily wanted to scare Ilse but she’s the one that’s frightened. After searching for awhile and getting really frightened Emily thinks that she has found the ring and goes to get Perry and Ilse where they run into a ghost who turns out to be aunt Elizabeth, she thought the girls were too quite in their room and discovered them missing and followed them to the summer house. Just as Emily is about to explain to aunt Elizabeth what their doing inside the summer house it starts groaning and part of the decrepit second floor collapses. The next day Emily tells everyone that at least they found her mother’s old dresses, and she still claims that she really did find the diamond ring but now it’s lost again, and then Perry, Teddy, and Ilse make fun out of Emily’s tall tales saying that she has as many tales as a fox. Well, That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



     Well, another fine episode of Emily of New Moon, there’s nothing like a cheery episode of shojo anime to brightens one’s day. One of the things that I’ve always liked about this type of shojo series is that the characters are seldom cruel or mean and that most of the stories are driven by personal relationships. In this episode of Emily of New Moon she and her friends go on a mix of a treasure hunt with a little ghost story mixed in, the kids are never in any real danger, they just experience the wonder of a childhood adventure with a little overactive imagination mixed in. This story reminded me of a similar story from my youth, the great Nerf factory adventure, when I was young me and my friends decided to hop the fence surrounding the local Nerf factory and find the mythical treasure trove of Nerf products, in the end we found no Nerf products, even the rumored legions of security guards and the legendary attack dogs never materialized, but still of a 10 year old it was still one hell of an adventure.