This episode begins with the crew walking through some snow covered hilly areas when they get caught in a avalanche and swept downhill, when Alzeid wakes up he see a girl (Ludovika) who looks just like him sitting next to him, and the girl comments about how they look alike, and Alzeid says that their both albinos. When Baroqueheat and Rahzel rejoin Alzeid Baroqueheat makes a comment about an illegitimate child, after awhile some villagers come looking for Ludovika and they pull guns on the strangers taking them back to their village. Back at the village the headman gives the group an apology for the treatment, saying that they thought they were going to hurt her, and it seems like Ludovika has taken a strong attraction to Alzeid. They explain to Alzeid that because of her condition she can’t go out in the daylight, and he’s asked how does he does it, he tells them that she’s seems like a normal girl, just give her some burn protection and sunglasses and let her go outside, no problem.



     The headman is about to say more but is stopped by other villagers, they leave them alone telling Ludovika not to stay up too late, later Ludovika tells Alzeid that she was told that someone like her could never go out during the day. She asks Alzeid questions about the day sky and this causes Alzeid to have flashbacks from his youth, then Rahzel suggests that they sneak her outside for a look at the day sky. Later that night when the girl’s asleep, Baroqueheat says he has the feeling that they have been watched from the very beginning, and don’t the others feel it too, and isn’t it strange that this village doesn’t appear on his map? Later, when Ludovika’s asleep the crew leaves town at Alzeid’s request, he feels that it’s better this way, Alzeid says that he heard the villagers’ voices/thoughts and that they are plotting to kill them and use them for fertilizer, so it’s better to leave now. Alzeid senses that the forest is moving around them and Baroqueheat says that they have been walking around in circles, Rahzel makes fun of them, then Ludovika shows up and tells them that she’ll lead them out of the forest. The crew notices that they are being followed and Rahzel tells Ludovika to leave, but Alzeid asks Ludovika if she wants to stay and see the daylight, she says yes even though Alzeid explains the danger to her.



     Then the group gets attacked by the trees/villagers and Baroqueheat makes some H-anime tentacle and video game references, Ludovika is being held captive by a cage made of tree branches until Alzeid frees her. They fight a battle against the tree’s and the old man explains that Ludovika was born albino because of climate change and lack of sunlight, so isn’t right that they protect her and want human fertilizer to keep her alive. As Alzeid is about to be struck down from behind Ludovika steps in the way, taking the attack herself. When Ludovika is struck down the attack stops, and Ludovika dies in Alzeid’s arms as they watch the sunrise together, when she dies she transforms in to pure white petals that float away in the breeze. Alzeid deduces that the villagers were the spirits of the trees and that Ludovika was born an albino tree so she couldn’t use the sun as food so the villagers use humans as food for her. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




Well, another episode of Hatenko Yuugi and the group stumbles into another adventure, but the main part of this episode is that we learn a little more about Alzeid’s past, and we also learn the reason for Rahzel traveling with Alzeid and what she gets out of it. In this episode Baroqueheat makes quite a few references to anime, games, and poetry, at one point Alzeid accuses Baroqueheat of being a Tsundere, now that’s pretty funny. Throughout the whole series Baroqueheat has been constantly teasing Rahzel about her lack of love/sexual experience and this episode is no different, below is a shot about a S&M reference,


now a haiku reference,


and a video game reference,


and the hentai anime references,




     While the teasing of Rahzel is quite funny the real guts of this episode is about Alzeid’s past, we learn that Alzeid was just like Ludovika, kept inside because of his albinism, and that the woman who convinces him to venture outside was none other than his father’s murder, he had to go outdoors or never have a chance to find her. We also learn that Alzeid’s learning to deal with his shortcomings has made him tougher in most situations. We also learn from Rahzel that her traveling with Alzeid has made her physically tougher, he pushes her to her limits and when she’s recovered he pushes her even more, this has made her better and tougher from traveling with him.

     Oh, and also, I think the whole point of the Ludovika and Alzeid storyline is that you can’t deny your nature, Ludovika even in human form was a tree and it’s a tree’s nature is to love the sun, and one mustn’t deny your nature even if it could damage you, the same goes for humans including Alzeid, it’s our nature to be outside and loved by the sun.