April 2008

     On his way to school our male lead Kouta-kun is greeted warmly by a busty schoolgirl named Chizuru who hugs him warmly and proceeds to rub her best assets all over him, and Kouta-kun gets very embarrassed because this occurs in front of many students. A short while later an upperclassman comes over and gives Kouta-kun and Chizuru a chewing out, telling them to behave like proper high school students.

     Later we find out that Kouta-kun and Chizuru’s relationship is the talk of the school, everybody tries to figure out why a hot chick like her would like a first year student like Kouta. At lunch Kouta meets Chizuru’s younger brother Tayura, and after a while Chizuru shows up and hands Kouta-kun a love letter?

     Later that afternoon Kouta-kun goes to meet Chizuru in the music room, she gives Kouta-kun his first kiss and asks him if she’s his first  then he notices that she has grown a tail. Chizuru has transformed in to a Kitsune (fox spirit), she notices that she’s transformed and asks Kouta if she can still be considered human. She tells him that if he’s frightened, she’ll reveal herself to everyone and just go away, it seems that lots of spirits attend their school and if they are exposed they have to leave.

     Chizuru starts to cry, then Kouta-kun tells her that at first he was scared of her, but now he thinks that she’s so beautiful that it’s scary (good close the deal line), she’s so happy that she pounces on top of him and tells him that it’s going to be her first time with a guy (lucky). She starts to undress, and Kouta-kun is uncertain but he’s soon won over by her beauty. Just as Kouta-kun is about to become “an adult” they are interrupted by her brother, who chews her out for revealing herself to a human.

     Tayura tells Kouta that it’s very dangerous for spirits and humans to mix, but Kouta looks confused. Chizuru tells Kouta that she’ll show him how dangerous it is, and proceeds to kiss him again, during the kiss she disappears in a flash of light. The next thing you know is that Chizuru is inside Kouta and that they have combined into a fox boy/girl, and Tayura explains to him that in order for that to happen the human must be willing, so if the human closes their heart the combining can’t happen. Chizuru says that they are now one body and soul, but Tayura summons up some power to test that theory, Chizuru summons their power which is about 100x greater than Tayura’s and blasts Tayura completely through the school’s wall. Afterwards, Chizuru separates from Kouta and tells him that the power is equivalent to the power of their love. She then grabs him and tells him that she’ll finish what she started earlier, and this time he won’t get away. Well, that’s all of this episode. 


     Well, I was pleasantly surprised by this anime, I tend to not like harem anime where the male leads are very wimpy and indescisive, but for some reason I really didn’t mind Kouta, maybe that was because he actually got some, he actually got more action in one episode than most male harem leads get in an entire 26 episode run. An uber cute fox girl, a school full of spirits, a little magic here and there, and the male lead getting some, so far this anime gets the Ah-kun seal of approval.

     This episode begins with Aka making a dinner date with Matsumaru, her treat, she’s finally getting paid. Later, Aka finds out that she’s getting a leading role in a two season anime spin off for the adult game she voiced earlier. At work Matsumaru latest proposal gets turned down because it lacks punch, and he told to give it more work.

     Later in the day, more of Matsumaru’s ideas gets rejected, and his boss decides to go with one of his coworkers ideas of the new project, he is very depressed about the situation. Aka has to make an appearance for a radio interview program, and this makes her late in meeting Matsumaru for dinner. On his way to meet Aka for dinner Matsumaru buys some flowers of Aka and then he waits at the restaurant for her. Later, Aka has to go meet a big name anime film director, she tries to call Matsumaru but can’t get a signal.

     After waiting a long time at the restaurant for her, Matsumaru has to order dinner or leave, so he leaves and starts walking home. The weather turns bad and it’s starts pouring down rain, Matsumaru’s work stuff gets ruined and the flowers for Aka take a beating. When Aka gets home she tells him how sorry she is about missing their dinner, but that doesn’t go well, Matsumaru is very pissed off.

     Aka senses that something other than her being late is bothering him and she tries to get him to talk about it, but he won’t say anything. She tells him that she’s happy being with him but he still very depressed and walks away from her. Whats really bothering him is that as her career takes off, he feels that he’s pathetic at his job. Well, that’s all for this episode.

     Well, another episode Rec.  where longing, misunderstandings, and lack communication affect Aka’s and Matsumaru’s relationship. In earlier episodes we were shown that both Aka and Matsumaru both like (or love?) each other but they just beat around the bush about it, and this causes problems, they are not school kids anymore they should be able to just say it. Matsumaru’s job is getting him down lately, well welcome to the life of sales and marketing, I did this for a while in my youth, and it’s a dog eat dog field, what have you done for me lately is the rule of thumb. With only one episode of Rec.  left maybe they’ll iron out their problems or maybe not, remember this is anime, it can sometimes take one hundred episodes to say “I love you“.

     Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged a Moetan episode but I’ve wanted to do this show in the proper order. So, I waited for episode 6 which was a DVD only release, supposedly because of the extra fan service content. Below, I’ll cover the episode content, than the review, and below that the fan service content. 

     This episode begins with Mio (Nao’s younger sister) giving Nao two tickets to a amusement park, and she suggests that he should invite someone to go with him, like Ink. Nao says that it would be OK to go with a friend, but Mio intends this to be a date, so Mio tells Nao that she’ll take care of the arrangements.

     At Ink’s house, Ink’s mother teaches Ink how to bake cookies, then the phone rings and it’s Mio basically setting up a date between Nao and Ink. Ink goes bonkers over the prospect of going on a date with Nao, and soon her imagination runs wild with fantasies of their first date. Ink goes into a dream world of expectations over the thought of a date with Nao, and her mother has to shake her back to reality.

     After Ink’s mother shakes her back to reality, Ink gets nervous about her first date, and begins to prepare for the date. Ah-kun tells Ink not to worry so much about the date, he says that boys don’t really notice small changes anyway, but Ink tells him that a girl’s clothes can change her image drastically, then Ah-kun starts to dream of Ink in various outfits.

     Later at Sumi’s house, Sumi is getting abused by her maid again, and she is also getting bombarded with homework for her up coming exams. When Na-kun tells Sumi about Ink’s date with Nao she goes ballistic and ends up getting smacked around by her maid again.


     The next day Ink is walking to meet Nao for their date, and a magical alert goes off, Ink doesn’t want to respond because it might make her late for the date, but Ah-kun makes her go anyway. She helps out a choking man, but he was choking due to his own stupidity, and that puts Ink at least thirty minutes late in meeting Nao. At first she doesn’t see Nao, but he shows up and says he’s used to her being late because she used to always be late as a kid.

     Nao and Ink are enjoying their date (or at least Ink thinks it’s a date) until they get separated, and Ink starts to get very upset. Finally they meet back up again and everything seems to be OK, they sit down to eat and Ink gives Nao some of the cookies she baked the other day but they got broken, even so Nao thinks they that they taste delicious. After the date is over Ink calls Mio and thanks her for setting them up, Mio thinks that it’s funny that Ink was so excited about the date but her brother is so dense that he has not noticed Ink’s feeling for him. Well, that’s all for this DVD only episode.

     Well, now for the review. The long awaited episode 6 of Moetan  is here, this episode was supposed to be so loaded with fan service that it couldn’t be shown on TV. While this episode has a lot of fan service in it I think that it was just a inducement to sell more DVDs. Other that the extra fan service nothing really changed; Ink still has the hots of Nao, Nao is still oblivious to Ink’s attraction, Sumi still gets her ass whooped by her maid, both Ah-kun and Na-kun are still attracted to the loli girls but being trapped as animals they can’t do anything but drool. In the end I feel sorry for Ink, the only way she ever going to get some from Nao is if she walks into his room naked and says “what’s a girl got do to get laid around here”.

     Now for the fan service pictures, every girl/woman in this episode (except Sumi’s maid) gets a fan service treatment. So, if you have tender eyes skip these screen shots.

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