This episode begins with the girls getting ready for the Christmas break, everyone is busy planning what they are going to do over the break, Judy is planning on writing stories in the dorm until she gets invited to Sallie’s place for Christmas. Julia is very jealous because Jimmie invited Judy to the house for Christmas and she wants to come with them to see Jimmie but her parents want her come to New York, but she tells her parents that she’s going anyway. As the Christmas break approaches the girls go into town to shop for gifts, Julia asks Judy what she’ll get Jimmie and Judy tells her that she knit something for him. Julia makes fun out of Judy’s idea of a handmade gift, but as she tries to shop for Jimmie nothing seems to be the right gift.



     As the days pass, the girls begin their exams and Judy and Sallie both are knitting personal gifts, and Julia still has no luck finding the right gift for Jimmie. After a while, Julia decides to knit something so she goes and buys the most expensive wool and attempts to knit a very complicated pattern, she’s never knitted before and is too proud to ask for help from the other girls. As time is running out, Julia has to break down and ask  Judy for help, and Judy gladly gives her the needed help. On the last day of school Julia, Judy, and Sallie all finish their knitting just in time, and they begin packing for the holiday.



     Later, Julia’s mother shows up at the school to take her to New York, a tearful Julia gives the girls her present for Jimmie as she’s driven off to New York. At Sallie’s country house Judy has a great Christmas with everyone, the girls help out by passing gifts out to the employee’s children of Sallie’s parents company. Sallie and Judy spend time enjoying the winter weather and singing carols. In New York, Julia spends her time attending high society holiday events with her family, she seems unhappy at these events. Later Julia and Jervis talk about what they have to sacrifice in order to protect the family, freedom for social status. Well, That all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     Well episode 23 was very interesting because it showed how different social classes view the holidays and whats expected from them. Sallie who comes from a upper middle class family celebrates the holiday in a close personal way, she and her family spends the holiday with the employees from her parents’ small factory, they spend time passing out gifts and singing carols. Julia’s family is super wealthy, she has to spend the holidays going from party to party with people she really doesn’t care for. Basically her uncle Jervis tells her they have to sacrifice their freedom for social status. Another interesting thing is how Julia is seriously attracted to Sallie’s brother Jimmie, but Jimmie seems to be interested in Judy, while Judy likes Jimmie she really isn’t attracted to him in boyfriend kind of way, she’s said as much in an earlier episode, she thinks of him as the older brother she never had, this will cause problems in the future because she’ll keep her true feelings towards Jimmie to herself, and that will confuse Jimmie and frustrate Julia.