This episode picks up a few weeks after episode 22, Tomoya and Nagisa have been dating for a while, and they really haven’t gotten past or even to the “holding hands” phase. It’s summer break and Tomoya and Nagisa are attending additional classes which Tomoya thinks are a waste since he won’t be attending college, but Nagisa won’t let him skip class. The girls pester Nagisa about how far her and Tomoya have gone, and even Youhei gives Tomoya grief about it. Later that day Youhei’s sister Mei shows up and Tomoya takes her to Nagisa’s house for dinner. The next morning Tomoya finds out that Mei and Nagisa spent most of the night talking about him.



     Also, that morning Nagisa, Tomoya, and Mei run the bakery so Nagisa’s parents can have some time off. It’s not very busy at the store so Mei goes outside to call customers in and pretty soon the store is full of guys checking out Nagisa, and when Tomoya runs out to see Mei he finds out that she is advertising cute girls in the store.



     When Nagisa’s parents return they are surprised at how much business the store did, and Mei tries to get Nagisa and Tomoya to tell each other that they love each other just like her parents do, this draws an embarrassed reaction from them. Later on when Tomoya is at Youhei’s place Mei shows up and tells him that she’s going to play cupid for Nagisa and him.



     After Mei’s conversation with Tomoya Nagisa asks Tomoya to go for a walk and Nagisa tries to be more assertive and self-confidant but it only leads to funny situations. In the end Tomoya and Nagisa end up holding hands and Nagisa telling him I’ll always be with you. Well, that’s all for this episode below are some screen shots.



     Well episode 23 was a nice way to wrap up the first season of Clannad, this Nagisa and Tomoya centered episode had a nice warm and cozy feeling to it with just enough humor it in to not make it too serious. For the most part Clannad was centered on Tomoya’s and Nagisa’s growing relationship with a few detours thrown in, so it was fitting to finish up on that note. 

     All of their friends are more worried about how far they’ve gone then Nagisa and Tomoya are, so this leads to the humor that followed. When Nagisa tries to change her nature at Mei’s prodding it causes many humorous situation but mainly it feels unnatural, and Tomoya figures it out pretty quickly. Tomoya main problem with Nagisa is her lack of self-confidence and with her trying to be more aggressive without the self-confidence is just wrong. But, by the end of the episode their relationship is on solid ground, not that it was ever on shaky ground to begin with.

     The only down note was the foreshadowing at the end of the episode, after the shot of Nagisa and Tomoya holding hands at sunset and her telling him that she’ll always be by this side, the camera pulls back to show clouds forming above them, but that will be left for the second season, Clannad the After Story